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    Default Milburn/Charlton

    Yes, of the famed football families; Jackie Milburn, nephews Bobby & Jackie Charlton.
    I need some help or advice. I am missing the crucial link in order to research for their ancestors. Until the 1911 census becomes available.
    Does anyone know if there is a family tree of the Milburns in question?

    "Jackie Milburn" born John Edward Thompson Milburn, 11 May 1924 - 9 Oct 1988, born and died in Ashington, Northumberland. Marrried to Laura. Son Jackie Jnr, who was married to Moffat but she remarried.
    Father: Alexander "Alec" Milburn, married 1923 (Morpeth)
    Mother: Annie Thompson

    Alec's brother: "Tanner" Milburn (John Thomas? This needs to be varified)
    Tanner's wife: Charlton (Elizabeth Ann? This needs to be varified)
    4 sons (all footballers) and 3 daughters (one is the mother of Bobby & Jackie Charlton)
    "Jack" John Milburn, 18 Mar 1908 Ashington - Jul/Sep 1979 Leeds
    "George" George William Milburn, 24 Jun 1910 Ashington - 24 Jun 1980 Chesterfield
    "Jim" James Milburn, 21 Sep 1919 Ashington - Jan 1985 Wakefield, Yorkshire
    "Stan" Stanley Milburn, 22 Oct 1926 Ashington -
    "Cissie" Elizabeth Ellen Milburn, 11 Nov 1912 Ashington - Jan/Mar 1996; married 1934 (Morpeth) "Bob" Robert Charlton. 4 sons, Alan, Bobby, Jackie and Tom. Have the birthdates of all except Tom.

    Jacky Charlton married Patricia (Children?)
    Bobby Charlton married Norma Ball in 1961
    Daughters Suzanne and Andrea

    There is also reference to the famous Ashington footballer "Warhorse" Milburn, does anyone know who he was and what his first name was? He had 13 children. The information on the internet leads me to believe that he was Alec & Tanner's father.
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    There is a family tree on Ancestry for John Edward Thompson Milburn, if that helps?

    Wikipedia have a biography on him too.


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    I looked at this as apparently my mother - a Milburn - is related. But I did make contact with a lady who is the first cousin of Jack and Bobby, Cissie being her Aunt and we conculded my link looked very much like typical (unreliable) family lore.

    I did get both Bobby and Cissie's birth certificates. Cant lay my hands on Cissie's but Bobby's as follows:
    11 Oct 1937 at 17 Laburnum Terrace, Ashington UD
    Robert Charlton, boy
    Mother: Elizabeth Ellen Charlton formerly Milburn
    Father: Robert Charlton, Colliery Coal Cutter
    Registered by mother on 17 November 1937

    I understood Warhorse was the father of John Edward Thompson (ie Tanner) and Alec but I am probably hopelessly wrong as I was working from public data.

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    Thank you Jo, that is where I started.
    Also found a lot of details (heights, weight, dates of death etc.) on their football team's homesites.
    Ashington Colliery Welfare Club, Leeds United, Chesterfield, Norwich City, Bradford City
    The comments from Tom Charlton gave a good insight to the type of people that they were.

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    Default Charlton & Milburn Families

    Hi I have alot on the Charlton & Milburn Families
    I Can send you info on them, Can you send me what you have on the families

    Or you can E Mail me at
    jeff.stoker [AT] yahoo [DOT] co [DOT] uk
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    Hi Jeff

    Welcome to the forums!

    Not sure you'll get a reply as the previous post is dated 14/11/06. Also you might like to alter your email address - or ask one of the moderators to do it, quick! to avoid being deluged with spam

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    I have ammended the address Squaredancer

    If anyone wishes to email Jeff, simply replace the words in the sqaure brackets with the relevant symbol - and of course remove the gaps!


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    Hi, my Grandmother was a Isobel Charlton born 1909 +/-2yrs, Jeff Stoker do you have any reference to her in your info?.



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    Friends any help please Northumberland 1901 Census, William Kesley age 21 B Motherwell
    Spouse Mary Ann Charlton age 33 North Seaton Morpeth , chlildren
    William Charlton 12
    George Charlton 7
    John Kesley 4 months
    two questions, what was Mary Ann's maiden name, and did any Milburns marry Kesley's
    Thank You

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    Hi ottok,

    If you go to you can search for the marriage.

    To find the maiden name get a birth certificate for one of the children - again you can search for the index details on Free BMD.

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