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    Default Rose Farm, Countesthorpe


    I am trying to find the whereabouts of Rose Farm, Countesthorpe. I have contacted Countesthorpe Parish Council who say it is not in their area. So it has probably either been demolished or re-named. It is Rose Farm, Countesthorpe in 1938 as it is where my great great grandfather died.

    Any clues would be helpful.



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    Use an online map such as www."] enter Countesthorpe and search. you'll see it on the road towards Wigston


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    Thanks a lot Geoffers. I feel so silly now. I looked on multimap and couldn't see it and also e-mailed Countesthorpe Parish Council and they said it wasn't in Countesthorpe (even though it said it was on the death certificate). It appears so clearly on street map. I will use that instead of multimap in future. I will go to Countesthorpe and have a look tomorrow. I notice that there is a cemetery nearby in Blaby, so hopefully he is buried there. I have already looked in several cemeteries in the area for him and he was not there. Maybe tomorrow I will find the elusive Mr Whatton!

    Thank you


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    Default ROSE FARM, Countesthorpe.

    Hi Samantha,
    I've only just seen your query - so this info you may already have.

    Rose Farm is situated on the road between C'thorpe and South Wigston (near to the junction with Hospital Lane). The farm is now a very small business park - with the old out-buildings let out to small businesses. The road its on has always been known locally as Hampson's Hill - but its either Countesthorpe Rd. Wigston, or Wigston Rd. Countesthorpe.

    You again may well have already found this too - but C'thorpe Cemetary is on Foston Rd, which is the first road on the left entering C'thorpe from Rose Farm.

    Regards, David

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    Hi Samantha
    I know this thread is a few years old, but it came up after I put in a search for Rose Farm, Countesthorpe Road,Leics. I hope you are still available to chat to. I am looking for some info about the previous inhabitants of Rose Farm. My parents owned Rose Farm from approx 1988 until 1997. It is definitely haunted, as experienced by me and other family members, and also previous owners. I decided to try and look into who the ghost was/is. When I came across your posts on here, I thought you might be able to give me some information. Do you know how long your gg grandfather Henry Whatton lived there, and why? What was his profession at the time? Hoping you can answer some questions.

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    Hello Jayne,

    Welcome to British-Genealogy.

    Sadly, Samantha is no longer a forum member as evidenced by the word 'guest' beneath her username. No information is retained about previous members so we can't even try to pass on a message.

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    First, a very warm welcome to Brit-gen.
    This is a 1914 map of the location - and shows "Rose Farm".
    Note - you will need to use the zoom symbol (-) to bring up map.

    Left of screen you will see a 1904 map - click on it.
    Rather than "Rose Farm" it reads "Countesthorpe Lodge". Can you confirm that "your" Rose Farm was originally called "Countesthorpe Lodge"?
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