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    Ross Thomas

    Smile COWIN/GARRETT Emigrants to Australia from Lonan, Isle of Man

    I hope someone can help me with information on these ancestors of mine.

    Philip Cowin (1810-52) married Margaret Garrett (1823-93) at Lonan Parish on 6 April 1843. The Census of 1851 has them living at Ballagawne with parents Thomas and Margaret Cowin (nee Karran). Around 1852, Philip and family emigrated to Victoria, Australia, soon moved to the Laura district of South Australia and the next generation moved onto the Flinder’s Ranges in the 1870s. Those that survived the drought fled to the Goldfields of Western Australia before pioneering farming in the Great Southern of WA.

    I am very keen to get more info on the early Cowins in Lonan and would greatly appreciate anything that can be provided. Anything on the Garretts and Karrans from Lonan would be welcome also. I can provide info on these Cowins in Australia.

    In particular, info on the following would be very useful:
    • What became of Philip’s brothers and sisters that remained Lonan?
    • Who were father Thomas’ brothers and sisters?
    • Who was Thomas’ father (a Phillip born c1730?) and mother?
    • The relationship between Thomas of Ballagawne (1782-1861) and Thomas of Ballacowin (1778-1848).

    Ross Thomas
    Canberra, Australia

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    Hi Ross, If you are still around, please reply. I may have some information about the COWIN family. WILDWANDERER

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    Default COWIN Family IoM and Australia

    Hi Wildwanderer

    I am very late in responding, I know, but would love to hear from you. (substitute grapevine for XXX)

    Cheers, Ross of Canberra

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    Hi Ross welcome back!
    Thanks for disguising the email address.

    Wildwanderer hasn't logged in since November - but could be lurking. If you do not hear, you can get into email contact via the profile - just click on his/her name.


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