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    Thank you for this. I have just been re-reading this thread and my head is buzzing with Allens, Jameses and Johns, not to mention Sarahs. I particularly like your bondsman information in #31. I think a wet Sunday is forecast, so it seems a good opportunity for more delving.
    Sadly, our dear friend Dorothy (alias Thomasin) passed away on Sunday, 17th. February, 2013.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomasin View Post
    I think a wet Sunday is forecast, so it seems a good opportunity for more delving.
    Go for it Thomasin! I have a houseful of visitors and grandchildren here until the end of January, but i'm coming up for air occasionally, and very interested to read all this!

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    Hello Birdlip,
    Since your post dates from 2006, I presume you have found more information about James Bolwell, born Salisbury c1812?
    If not, please get in touch. My 3-great-grandfather was Allen Bolwell, your James' brother, and I have managed to get a couple of generations further back than them.
    Their parents were John Bolwell and Elizabeth Latty. The previous generation was, I think,James Bolwell and Sarah Rowden.
    Best regards
    Angela Caldwell

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