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    Default Transcriptions on Personal Web Pages

    If I purchase any data containing scanned original images in any form, fiche, cd etc, can I transcribe them myself and then load them onto a personal web page?

    I have lots of fiche bought over the years and just wondered if it would be copyright infringement?

    None of the fiche contain transcriptions - they are all copies of parish registers direct from the register books.

    Alternatively, can I do the same from Parish Registers held at the local RO - transcribe part of them myself and submit to a web page?


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    Rod Neep


    If you are working from copies of the hand written original church registers, then there would be no copyright issues if you were to transcribe them. (The new copyright in the transcriptions would be yours). What you can't do without permission, is replicate the original pages of the registers.


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    Default Who would I need to get permission off?

    I go to a record office that allows (for a fee) users to photograph the microfilm screens. This gives me a better image than their printers, although not great, and as you pay a fee to use the camera it still supports the upkeep of the achieve. All I have ever used these for is my own reference to transcribe Parish register information and to allow me to go back and check information. What I wondered is who would I have to approach if I wanted to use part of these images? Would the LDS own the copyright as they took the pictures on the film or would it be the Church of England as they are C of E registers or is it the Parish Church itself?

    As I say the images are not great but it would be quite nice to be able to include images of small parts of marriage registers, where the ancestors had actually signed the register, in family history booklets I'm creating. These would only be to give to other family members and there would certainly be no money changing hands, none of my ancestors are interesting enough to people outside the family! Does anyone know if the Church (whichever would be the copyright holder) have a policy on this type of use?


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    Thanks for your help Rod.

    I have transcribed all these myself, so will go ahead and load them on my web pages at some point

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    Just a small point, as Rod says, uploading your transcriptions is fine but I have learned that it is good manners to acknowledge your source if at all possible.


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