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    Randall Jones

    Question searching for the ancestors of the Baugh's of Stokesay abt 1650

    I am searching for direction in tracing the ancestors of Rowland Baugh (Squire) of the Stonehouse, Aldon Court .b.abt1657 d.1740 buried at Stokesay Church along with his wife Mary.

    Rowland is described as 'Armiger' in the Stokesay parish register, he married Mary Folliott daughter of 2nd Lord Thomas Folliott of Ballyshannon, they were married at Onibury in 1692.

    His first son and Heir was Thomas Baugh b.1692 d.1746.

    His first grandson and Heir wasThomas Folliott Baugh b.1717 d.1757

    They were all of the Stonehouse Aldon Court, I believe in the Parish of Hereford but their families BDM details are recorded as Ludlow and Richards Castle.

    The Folliott's were a prominent family in Priton Worcestershire and are recorded in the Heraldic Visitations of the 1600's.

    The Baugh family are also recorded in Visitations, but in Gloucestershire.

    I am making a stab at a connection between the Baugh's of Gloucestershire and Shropshire and am seeking advice in relation to the manner which Heraldic bearings are passed on.

    How would Rowland attain the right to be decribed as 'Armiger' in the Parish Register? from his father perhaps?

    if so, would there be a record of his fathrs entitlement
    and of the transferr of such title?

    I would be most pleased to recieve advice from where I might make further enquiries.


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    Default Roland Baugh, Armiger of Stokesay

    See my posting under Gloucestershire.

    OED gives the following definition of 'armiger':

    'An esquire, originally a person who attended a knight to bear his shield; now a person entitled to heraldic arms.'

    On the basis of this definition it seems likely that any such entitlement would have been heritable at the time in question - you would need to get an accurate ruling on this from the College of Heralds.


    Geoff Powers
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    Default More on the Baughs

    I have the following additional information taken from IGI Family Search:

    William Baugh (father of Rowland?), bapt. 19 May 1639, Onibury, Shropshire,
    Father: Edward Baugh, Mother: Bridgett.

    William Baugh m. Isabell Carr, 4 Dec. 1665, Clungunford, Shropshire.

    Edward Baugh, born about 1590, Clungunford, Shropshire.

    Edward Baugh m. Mary Jeffries of Clunbury, Shropshire, about 1620.

    Edward Baugh m. Brigit Granger, 13 Nov. 1628, Clunbury, Shropshire.

    The last two entries might indicate either that Edward contracted two marriages or alternatively, there were two - probably related - Edwards.


    Geoff Powers
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    Default Baughs of Aldon Court

    I have information on the Baugh family that may be of interest to you.

    Starting from the definite (the present) and working backwards, here is the lineage as given down in our family.

    My father James Wilfrid Baugh had three sons, [edited names]

    His father Theodore Wilfrid Baugh b 1895 d 1976 was the eldest son of Roland Don Baugh.

    Roland Don Baugh b 1861 d 1936 was the fifth son of Charles Richard Baugh.

    Charles Richard Baugh b 1820 d 1891 was the third and youngest son of Thomas Folliott Baugh.

    Thomas Folliott Baugh b 1772 d 1857 was the eldest son of Job Walker Baugh.

    Job Walker Baugh was the only son of Thomas Folliott Baugh. I have no dates for Job Walker Baugh.

    Thomas Folliott Baugh b 1721 d 1765 was the son of Thomas Folliott Baugh.

    Thomas Folliot Baugh b 1698 d 1757 or 1793 was one of three sons of Rowland Baugh.

    Rowland Baugh bap 1668 was the second son of Henry Baughe.

    Henry Baughe b 1576 or 1579 was the second son of Thomas Baugh.

    Thomas Baugh d 1638 was the second son of John Baugh.

    I have nothing earlier than this.

    I hope to hear from you so that we can compare notes.
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    Default George

    The same family line without doubt.
    I have many gaps filled in from Job Walker Baugh back to Rowland of 1668, which might be of interest, and all of the line of Captain Henry Baugh brother of Adm Thomas Folliott to modern times.
    I have detail of some of the descendants of Adm Thomas Folliott Baugh but they aren't complete.
    The Foliot name, is prominent from Rowlands wife Mary Folliott, this branch of the family readily traces back to the kings of England, through the Lygon, Dennis, Mowbray,Segrave and Plantagenet lines.
    You can contact me directly if it suits at rmj AT tadaust DOT org DOT au
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    Default John Baugh

    John paid 4d on his wages of 20/- as part of the 1524 Lay Subsidy for Stokesay. Perhaps he worked for the squire Thomas Vernon? In the same year another John was collector for Middleton where he lived.


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    Hi George!
    I realise that it's been quite a while since your message was posted but thought that I'd give this a try anyway.
    My family are Scots and my 4 x great grandparents who married in the early 1790's were contemporaries of your Baugh family in Scotland at that time. Having looked at the documents for the Baugh family in Scotland, and followed their progress, I've always wondered if there was a link, if my ancestor was a poor relation or perhaps even the black sheep of the family !!
    He appears in Scottish records for the first time only at his marriage to my 4 x great grandmother, and surname spelling initially alters between Baugh & Baff finally settling on the latter.
    He was George too, and Thomas and George have passed down my family line through each generation.
    y-DNA has shown that we were originally BAUGH, and I wondered, in order to assist in the process of elimination, if you or any male within your line had also been tested?
    Here's hoping that you receive this message, fingers crossed!!


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