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    Smile Dormers of Radnage

    Can anyone help me to trace my Dormer ancesters from Radnage? My maiden name is Dormer and my father came to Australia from there in 1923. I can link them as far back as John Dormer chr 23 -9-1750 and married Elizabeth Wall. His parents appear to be John Dormer buried 17 Dec 1789 in Chinoor and married to Anne Wellard 1 Oct 1774. After that my links are vary weak. Possibly Edward Dormer chr 1690 and Jane Quaint. I have also found that the Rector at St Marys Church 1613-1633 was a Thomas Dormer, but I dont know if he is related.
    Any assistance welcomed.
    Cathie Steele
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    Default Dormers of Radnage

    Hi Cathie,

    You could try the Buckinghamshire FHS. I appreciate that you cannot pay online but they will email you the results of your searches. There are different addresses for Births, Marriages and Deaths. It may be worth your while to email them and see if you can write just one request and cheque for all the different printouts you may require being as you are in Australia. The charges are very reasonable.

    Good Luck,

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    Thanks for the suggestion Elley. I have not tried through the Buckinghamshire FHS, but I have personally looked in the local Radnage Parish Registers and can find no more. My next step may be to try the Oxfordshire ones close by.

    Any thoughts on how to get more information on the individuals who were Rectors of the Parish would be great.
    I would certainly welcome contact with anyone else looking at this family, as well.

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    Default Dormers in Radnage

    Hi Cathie,

    Are you still looking for Dormers in Radnage? I have the accounts book kept by the Radnage rector between 1767 and 1775 detailing household expenses. In it some payments to "Dormer" are listed.

    Are you interested,


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    Smile Dormers of Radnage

    Hi Ivor,
    I am definately interested in any information that adds to my understanding of the life of the Dormer family in Radnage. Such detail would be very interesting.
    Are you able to scan relevant sections? If you can email them to me at c.steele, it would be much appreciated.
    If not, or they are too big, let me know and we will have to work out another way.
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Cathie Steele

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    Yes I have scanned images of all the pages of the book and a full transcription. I will sort out the relavant bits and send them to you driect - hopefully in the next 24hrs.

    All the best



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