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    James & Priscilla

    Hello M [& Dundee 10],

    James Wemyss was the brother of my 2xgreatgrandmother Mary Wemyss (married to John Humphrey, calico printer, of Kilmarnock). It was his family's letters back to her from...
  2. Many thanks for your helpful prompts

    Wow, am I ever glad I posted here. Thank you Brit-Gen forum, and above all thank you so much, Helechau; I had almost given up on William Stannard. “Knowledgeable and helpful” you are indeed!

  3. William Stannard, York Hotel, Covent Garden

    William Stannard was landlord of the York Hotel, 1 Charles Street, Covent Garden, Westminster, from 1803 to 1847. Try as I may, I can't find his death record. Nor is there any sign of him in the 1851...
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