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  1. William FARMER and family Plymouth area post

    I'm going out on a limb here but nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I'm looking for the family of William C (Charles?) FARMER who came to the Plymouth area sometime around 1900 from Poplar in East...
  2. SALTER/FARMER possibly Bromley-by-Bow in the early 1920's

    I'm looking for surname SALTER possibly living in or around Devas Street, Bromley-by-Bow in the early 1920's. This family may be related to the FARMER family living at 70 Devas Street in 1922. ...
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    MELLOWSHIP Reposting request for help

    I have recently rekindled my interest in my 3x Gt. Grandmother Phoebe

    We are looking for baptism details for Phoebe MELLOWSHIP born circa 1800 allegedy in
    Newington Surrey. So...
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    Robert Cory

    Have you tried the Cory Society?

    The web links from this page are not working at the moment but the email addresses are there.

    I have...
  5. Shepherd James - Stogursey sloop 'Shepherd'

    I am searching for leads in my quest for my Sheppard/Shepheard forebears who came from the Stogursey/Bridgwater area of West Somerset circa 1810. At the moment Stogursey is looking very promising. ...
  6. Thomas MACKEY Baptism & Marriage - Eirth & Bexely

    Could SKS with access to the birth and marriage registers from Eirth and Bexely check the following lloking for parents etc.:

    - Baptism of Thomas MACKEY Eirth circa 1796 (based on 1841 census)...
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    Henry was serving on board on HMS Impregnable the...

    Henry was serving on board on HMS Impregnable the guardship and local depot at Devonport DEV. at the time of his death.12 Nov 1853.
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    SHEPPARD/SHEPHEARD Bridgwater area

    I am attempting to find baptismal details for a Henry Shepheard son of James believed to have been born in the Bridgwater area circa 1810-1820.

    Any help to overcome this 25 year brick wall would...
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    Henry CORY baptism dates

    Just spotted your reply to my posting. The baptism date came from his waterman's apprenticeship affidavit. Unfortunately this document does not record parents only place and date of birth and...
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    Maidstone Prison - William FARMER prisoner

    The continuing saga of my William FARMER has taken me to Maidstone Prison where we find William at the time of the 1851 census.

    Does anyone have access to records for the prison or can point me...
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    Henry CORY of Cranworth

    Seeking baptismal details and family of Henry CORY baptised 29th December 1794 at Cranworth, Norfolk. Henry later became a Thames Waterman and was bound to Thomas Corsan at Wapping 26th January 1809....
  12. Farmer - Pulsford: Brickwall Census Assistance Requested

    I'm looking for the family of a John William Farmer, a Carman and his wife Eliza (Pulsford) John and Eliza were married in Limehouse, June 1837. Their son William John, was born 1844. They may have...
  13. HARDING and related Families (RUSSELL, McGILL, PULFORD, BAXTER), Newton Stewart

    Seeking information on HARDING and related familes from Newton Stewart area. The following information has been gleaned from notes kept in a scrapbook by my wifes grandfather John Harding of Newton...
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    Pendeen Watch Cornwall

    I'm looking for anyone with a shared interest in the costguards, wrecks and rescues at the Pendeen Watch Cornwall. Hope to hear from you.

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