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    Thanks so much Elwyn, I've printed the form, so...

    Thanks so much Elwyn, I've printed the form, so when I get it sent off and hear back, I'll let you know what it says :-)
    Hopefully it won't take 8 years between replies ;-)
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    Thanks Elwyn, I didn't know about Griffiths...

    Thanks Elwyn, I didn't know about Griffiths Valuation. I found some of the entries... but I still have no idea about any of the other details. Is there anywhere I can find out more online?
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    WALLER in Bailieborough & Killinkere?

    I'm trying to find any information about Robert WALLER b. abt 1830 Bailieborough. I have that he married a Matilda JOHNSTON in about 1854? They had 6 children as far as I know, and all ended up in...
  4. Benjamin and Elizabeth WINTER; Marriage confusion

    My query concerns my 4xG Grandfather Benjamin Winter b. 1780 Brompton Ralph, Somerset.

    I have looked at transcripts of the Brompton Ralph Parish registers as well as the LDS Family search site. ...
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    Trying to find a Winter-Rogers marriage?

    I'm trying to find if there was a marriage between a William Winter b. abt 1815 Brompton Ralph, Somerset, and a Sarah Matilda Rogers, b. abt 1814, Wiveliscombe. I have info on a William and Sarah...
  6. Hi Tracey, I'm interested in more info about the...

    Hi Tracey, I'm interested in more info about the Jane highlighted in red above. Her marriage certificate states her father's name is Lewis Lewis, and there's also a Margaret Lewis as a witness who...
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    HOLDER in Thornhill or Criggleston?

    Is anyone researching William and Lucy HOLDER? I've found them on the 1881 census at Thornhill, with three sons, and again in 1901 census in Criggleston with another son and a daughter. William and...
  8. Thanks Peter :)

    Thanks Peter :)
  9. Marriage lookup? William WINTER and Jane LEWIS

    I'm not sure what's involved in viewing the register for this marriage, and don't know if it's a lot to ask, but if it's possible to find out more about this marriage I would be grateful.
  10. Jeremy, you're right! and Tracey, thank you!

    Hi Jeremy and Tracey

    You're quite right, William did go to London, and I had the wrong marriage. The drawbacks of not being able to access a wider range of information (and jumping to conclusions...
  11. Marriage lookup? William WINTER and Jane LEWIS

    If anyone is able to access parish registers for Haverfordwest, and can check if there's any further info about my pair, I would be over the moon. They married in dec quarter 1874. I'm looking for...
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    Thanks Janet!

    That's a great start, and it confirms some information I had about John's possible siblings. Oooh how exciting - isn't it fun when you get a lead! Thank you so much for looking up these records for...
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    John CHURCHILL and Ann NIXON?

    Hi, new to the forum, from Australia. I thought I'd ask about these two to start.

    I have John CHURCHILL b. 1813 Deddington and Ann NIXON b.1817 and christened at Bladon. They married in 1837 at...
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