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    Sticky: Useful adoption site

    Hiya, I highly reccomend this organisation in tracing adoptee's
    They traced two of my siblings within nine months of approaching them. Hope it comes in handy for someone...
  2. Hi I have found this organisation very useful, in...

    Hi I have found this organisation very useful, in fact they found two siblings within nine months
    I sent off for my sisters birth cert and asked for a mother check,...
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    Hi I have Barnett in my family tree. My grandfather was Staurt Barnett Anderson. he was given his mum's maiden name as a middle name. His mum was Maria Annie Barnett, born 31 October 1862 Emsworth,...
  4. Southern Cemetery lookup

    Hi, thanx for the welcome and the advice. I know about the Manchester Council site. I wasn't sure what I would get for my money, but now I know I won't get an age, I won't bother. I will wait until I...
  5. Southern Cemetery lookup please-Lewis

    Hi, I am new to this site, found the link on Rootschat. I was wondering if someone on here lived near Sothern Cemetery in Manchester? I am looking for a burial for a Harold Lewis in 1915. I know...
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