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  1. George Bisset, b.c1651, s/o Alexander Bisset

    Evening (9:45 E.S.T.),

    Does anyone have information on George Bisset (born c1651), son of Alexander Bisset (1625-1693) or his descendants?

    The following is the information that I have.

  2. Mary (nee-Ross) Murdoch, b. c1765, Isley

    Looking for information on the family of Mary Ross. Mary was the spouse of THOMAS MURDOCH. They were married on 30 Jun 1806 in Parish Church of Killarrow, Isle of Isley . Thomas was the son of ...
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    Hi, I am looking for information on the spouse...

    I am looking for information on the spouse of John Tarras, Helen Bisset. Helen was born 30 Nov. 1688 in Echt, Aberdeen Co. She was the daughter of George Bisset and Margaret Forbes. John...
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