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21-11-2005, 1:19 PM
I have already posted on the Aberdeen forum but as they moved around or the County Boundaries changed thought I would post here too.
Seeking descendants of William McKimmie & Elisabeth Carmichael I think his parents are William McKimmie & Isabel Dollas/Dallas.
Williams son George marries Isabella Moir in Botriphinie Banff.They have James & William that I can verify.James marries Rosanna Fraser & they are my Grandmothers Grandparents(affectionetly known as Crieff Granny & Grandpa) as that is where they ended up.
James & Rosanna have several children including James & William Trail & William Fraser-who is found drowned in a pond aged two.,Mary Bisset,Rosanna&John.Lewis Inkson & possibly George but John might be John George,Christina & Joseph thomson Fraser.
James senior is alternatively a Gamekeeper/Farmer of Four Acres/Coachman/Crofter.
There are not a lot of McKimmies out there & most lived to a ripe old age so are on Stat Reg