19-11-2019, 6:02 PM
My 2nd great paternal grandparents are from Cardiganshire. Elizabeth Henry (Feb 9 1808) from Llandysul and David D Jones (Feb 13 1801) from Penbryn according to the family Bible. I am searching for any information on them in Wales, as they immigrated sometime in 1820-30 to Pittsburg and eventually came to Gallia County, Ohio to purchase land and start a family. I don't know if they came together but think they did not. Family information says David came from Pen Twyn farm.
Tracing them in Wales has been impossible so I hope this posting may help.

Megan Roberts
19-11-2019, 11:05 PM
I have found one possible baptism:

5 March 1801 David, son of David and Mary baptised at Penbryn. Now as that's a record held by Findmypast, it will have taken place in an Anglican church rather than a chapel (non-conformist). I have run a quick check on Family Search to see what non conformist records they have, but could not find any likely matches.

You might find this page from GENUKI useful to you:

If you follow the links under Towns and Parishes you will find information about Llandysul and Penbryn.

How sure are you that they were both from Cardiganshire, because there is another place called Llandysul in Montgomeryshire - to the north and east of Cardiganshire/

20-11-2019, 8:20 PM
Helo Megan, I think you for the baptismal record, I believe it is my David which names parents. It surprises me that it was not a non-conformist chapel, though.
I only have what is written in the flyleaf of their Bible to go on for Elizabeth Henry, as it says Llandysul, so it could possibly be in Montgomery shire. She has been most difficult to follow as I kave not idea who her parents were.
I have searched on GENUKI but will follow your link. Thanks so much for your help! Jeanne