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20-06-2019, 6:37 PM
MyHeritage UK test is actually sent to the States. That could explain the number of potential american cousins matches.
Does Ancestry UK actually performs the test in the UK? Is one more likely to have more British matches through their database?

Guy Etchells
21-06-2019, 7:27 AM
No it does not make any difference where the actual processing takes place the resultant DNA will still give the same answer.

MyHeritage is slightly better for those who have British ancestry however as their database contains a larger proportion of users outside the US than Ancestry's database.

But the answer does not stop there as most DNA testing companies accept raw data uploads for other testing companies and indeed Gedmatch (who don't do tests themselves) accepts raw data from most companies.

26-06-2019, 9:44 AM
Thanks, Guy.

24-10-2019, 10:14 PM

I recently had a genealogy test done as well, and it said that I may have found a long lost half brother. The only problem was is that it was not absolutely conclusive.

I call this company PaternityUSA, and bought their sibling DNA test for $135. It was able to conclusively with a percentage of 99.45% that Rob is my brother.

I highly recommend you having your genealogy test results confirmed or denied at Paternity USA
They also had another test that I could have used because we are both males. It was called the YSTR Male Lineage DNA Test but in my case it would not work because her alleged father was also in the same male line.


25-10-2019, 3:58 PM
In my experience, Siblingship testing conducted with the use of codis marker technology, is unreliable (even between three people where two are known to be siblings)and can lead to false positive and false negative matches. I believe it relies on mathematical algorithms and probabilitis, hence a quoted percentage of likelihood of relatedness. Codis marker DNA testing for forensic purposes is entirely reliable, when for example, it is comparing one blood sample with another. They either match exactly or they don't. The reliability of Siblingship testing between two people, even when testing at a high level of markers, is little more than a lottery.

Autosomal DNA matching, on the other hand, never lies. Relationships are defined by the number of cM's of DNA shared in total and in the lengths of the matching segments. Put simply, the more autosomal DNA you share with somebody the more closely related to them you are. There are on-line charts which easily explain the possible relationships associated with various levels of DNA match.