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Cary Christopher
26-05-2019, 12:20 AM
As the story goes in our family, our ancestor Moses Wilkinson and his wife Ann Bailey (1785-1860), were in Edinburgh when their son, Charles William Wilkinson (c.1813-1880), was born. He was serving in the British Army at the time and I have just confirmed that he was in the East Yorkshire Militia in 1806 when his daughter Sarah was baptised at Woodbridge, Suffolk. In 1810, his son Aaron was born at Sunderland, Durham but Moses was employed as a weaver at the time. He apparently reenlisted in the East Yorkshire Militia because I can find no record of his enlistment in the regular Army.

Moses was born in Sowerby, West Riding, Yorkshire and all of his children were baptised in the Church of England. I have only recently confirmed that there was a Scottish Episcopal Church and that the baptism records are in the Edinburgh City Archives.

Would appreciate assistance with a baptism lookup in the Episcopal Church of Scotland records at the Archives. It appears that three parishes existed in Edinburgh in the time period. Gladly willing to compensate for reasonable research time. The archives is unable to undertake the research themselves.

Thank you!

Lesley Robertson
26-05-2019, 3:41 PM
Scotlands People have now added the Parish Records of the other denominations to those of the Church of Scotland on their site - see HERE (https://www.british-genealogy.com/threads/79790-Scotlands-People) for information.

You need to open an account and then you can search the records index for free, but you need to spend 6 credits to see each actual entry.

Cary Christopher
26-05-2019, 10:00 PM
Unfortunately, the records of the Episcopal Church of Scotland are not included on the ScotlandsPeople site. There are several denominations included but not the Scottish "branch" of the Anglican Church.

Cary Christopher
26-05-2019, 10:02 PM
Other church registers
As well as the Church of Scotland, other Presbyterian churches in Scotland kept registers of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1716 onwards. These other church registers are in the course of being added to the ScotlandsPeople site. The churches concerned were Presbyterian churches that were originally outside the Church of Scotland (or left the Church of Scotland) but joined (or re-joined) the Church of Scotland at various points. These churches were as follows:

The Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Original Secession (or First Secession) Church
The Associate Synods (Burghers and Antiburghers, and the Auld Licht Burghers, New Licht Burghers, Auld Licht Antiburghers and New Licht Antiburghers)
The Relief Church
The United Secession Church
The United Presbyterian Church
The Free Church