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Mitch in Notts
13-01-2019, 9:50 PM
A third cousin has had her dna done producing two matches listed as 'Third Cousins'. One is 153cM across 8 Segments the other 144cM across 8 segments. I have found a mutual ancestor for these two trees and the dna testers are 3rd cousins once removed. They go back to two sisters, lets say called SMITH, born in 1860. One of the trees descendants has no other familiar names in it. The other tree has a common surname, say JONES, as my relative, who is one of the children of the SMITH daughters.
Do I have to go back to the SMITH to find the closest relative for my relatives matches in both trees or could the match be much more recent in one tree, say the JONES, and less in the other, but only through marriage if that makes sense?



Tree summary:

Tree Owner
Father of Tree Owner
Grandmother of Tree Owner born 1918 & Living!
Lizzie H born 1892 Belfast
Margaret SMITH born 1859 Antrim
Peter SMITH born ?

Match 2
Tree Owner
Father of Tree Owner (deceased)
Mary JONES born 1891 Belfast
Ellen SMITH born 1861 Antrim
Peter SMITH born?

My relative
Tree Owner
Mother of Tree Owner (deceased)
John JONES or possibly A - uses two surnames
John JONES on the Marriage Certificate of John JONES or possibly John A
- if aboves wife or Mother is a SMITH then is this the common factor for DNA or could it possibly be another JONES on one tree and a SMITH on another that connects?

14-01-2019, 11:15 AM
I just messaged them and asked where the link was when I had my results. Some people will help, others seem to have just done the test because it is fashionable

Mitch in Notts
14-01-2019, 11:31 AM
Hi Ladykis,

Because my Cousin can't find a birth record for her ancestor in Ireland we can't go back far enough to find a match, though one tree has a common surname, and my Cousin has been in touch for years with her. We have linked the two matches trees together and I personally think the connection is a birth in Ireland around 1860, but not to a surname in my cousins tree, I just can't make the connection.!