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Lesley Robertson
27-12-2018, 3:26 PM
They are not a commercial organisation, many of us use their database, and all royalties are going to the CWGC, so I think it's OK to mention my Christmas present from my sister and her husband. If not, I'm sure that I'll hear from my fellow Mods!

The book is "Remembered, The history of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission" by Julie Summers and photographer Brian Harris. ISBNs 13:978-1-8589-4374-9 and 10: 1-8589-4374-4 (I assume this is for the hard and soft back editions?)

It's not a detailed catalogue or handbook, it's the story of how everything was arranged and organised, and why it all looks the way it does today, with plenty of photos of representative cemeteries in different countries. Lots of info that's new to me.

Pam Downes
27-12-2018, 3:38 PM
To my shame I can't remember the name of the programme, but recently there was a programme on TV and part of it covered the beginning of the CWGC. It was really interesting, and explained all sorts of stuff including why, although most of the headstones are 'standard', in some places they are different.
Seems there was quite a bit of foot-stomping to get certain things accepted initially, and if the book is as interesting as the programme was then it will be a very good read.


Pam Downes
27-12-2018, 6:01 PM
I've had inspiration. :idea:
This was the programme.
If you scroll down the page three short clips are available to view.

Bit more about the programme and the beginnings of what is now the CWGC..