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Derek Mutch
29-07-2018, 1:48 PM
Both my
Uncle Thomas Jolly Rennie b.1912 Flobbets Barthol Chapel Aberdeenshire, d. 1996....and
Aunt Joan (Joey) Macauley Rennie (ne Reid) b. 1916 Hatton Cruden Aberdeenshire, d. 2000
lived in Kirkcaldy for many years (from ~1950).
I cannot find their true death dates nor which cemetery they are buried or cremated.
I have searched British Newspaper Archives; Scotlands People; Ancestry and am now even phoning up complete strangers thinking they are 1st cousins, to no avail (really embarrassing!).
I cannot find lists of them in any of the 'Grave' web sites nor 'Deceased Online'. Tried going to the ANEFHS site looking for Aunt Joan's 'Reid' connection, again to no avail. Can anyone assist.
Living in Nottinghamshire excludes a 'quick' trip to Kirkcaldy!

Lesley Robertson
29-07-2018, 2:38 PM
Scotlands People has a death for a Thomas Jolly Rennie died 1996 Kirkaldy. He was 84 and his mother's maiden name was Wood.
Joan Macaulay Rennie died 2000, Kirkcaldy age 83, mothers maiden name Black.

These certificates are too new (less than 50 years) to be available on line, you need to order hard copies. Most sites have privacy constraints on relatively recent online data.

Alternatively, you could treat yourself to a day in the Scotlands People Centre in Edinburgh - for 15 quid you get a whole day's worth of viewing everything you want to and only pay extra for any printing or certificate saving. It's only a couple of hours up the A1/A67.

Fife Family History Society may be able to help with info on burial/cremation.

Derek Mutch
29-07-2018, 4:16 PM
Thankyou so much for your helpful comments Lesley.
Yes I have the information which you have provided.....the trouble is from Nottingham to Edinburgh (4-5hrs drive) would cost us much more than the 15 to view the details, plus fuel, plus food, plus overnight stay etc etc...my Aberdeenshire pockets are not very deep and full of holes,ha! The Fife Family History may be the best option....perhaps some kind Fife person reading this would walk the streets of Kirkcaldy, visit all the graveyards, crematoriums to find the information for me.........I think not unfortunately. Thanks again D

Pam Downes
29-07-2018, 5:38 PM
I would have thought 1996 is a little too recent for local papers to be on the British Newspapers Archives site (though I know that recently they've uploaded ones for the 1970/80/90s of 'city' newspapers such as the Liverpool Echo). I don't know about Scottish libraries but most English libraries (or possibly local archives) have copies of local newspapers. Sometimes they have to charge for doing look-ups (no doubt to stop people expecting staff to look through six months of papers in the hope of finding an article) but it's worth making enquiries. You will need the death certificates so you can give a precise date to the library. That gives them two, three weeks, at the most to check for an obituary or a death announcement, which more often than not will tell you where and when a burial or cremation is taking place.

Is Kirkcaldy cemetery/crematorium on Deceased Online? If not, it's a waste of time looking there. Same with the other 'grave sites'. Check if a place is on the site, and how complete coverage is.

One cemetery office I visited gave me the grave details of about eight of my relatives free of charge, but I'm convinced it was because I had the dates of death. Again, if you have a date of death Kirkcaldy cemetery/crematorium office(s) may do a look-up. Somewhere along the line though, if you want the information, you're going to have to pay. Nobody in their right mind is going to start looking for stuff when they've got a whole year to check. Cut that to two or three weeks and you might strike lucky.