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24-07-2018, 6:59 PM
Alice Day, mother to Edna Day, Emily Day, + 1 other

Married Redditch Area, my great-grandmother on my fathers side. Lived with her married daughter Edna and husband Anthony Croft in Redditch and later at Astwood Bank. Looking to see if she was actually divorced or just separated. Have heard family rumours that her husband lived with another women and went on to father more children. Can anyone help

24-07-2018, 8:51 PM
A date as a starter for your query
Anthony W Croft married Edna M Day Sept 1/4 1929 in the Bromsgrove registration district.
Edna M day mother's maiden name Basin Dec 1/4 1909 reg district Bromsgrove Vol 6C Page 320
(there is another birth for an Edna M day Bromsgrove Dec 1/4 but the mother's maiden name is Prior and I can't see a marriage for a Day to an Alice Prior)
Austin Day married Alice Basin March 1/4 1895 Bromsgrove

1911 census
The Woodlands, North Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Austin Day Head Married 39 Worcestershire Fairfield Builder And Contractor
Alice Day Wife Married 39 Shropshire Aloveley
Charles Day Son 14 Worcestershire Northfield
Emily Day Dau 14 Worcestershire Northfield
Kathleen Day Dau 10 Worcestershire Northfield -
Marjory Day Dau7 Worcestershire Norton Bromsgrove -
Doris Day Dau 4 Worcestershire Norton Bromsgrove
Moller Day Dau 3 Worcestershire Norton Bromsgrove
Edna Day Dau1 Worcestershire Norton Bromsgrove

Does this look like the family you are interested in?

24-07-2018, 9:05 PM
I think the above Austin Day died in March 1/4 1914 age 42 Bromwich reg district so if the man you are looking for definitely left his family and started another I have the wrong information in the last post.
You need to know Edna and Emily's father's name from their marriage certificates.
This is the National Archives guide on divorce records

25-07-2018, 10:53 AM

1911 Census

David Day 26 b. Redditch
Alice Day 28 b. Wolverhampton
Edith Day 5 b. Redditch
Beatrice Day 3 "
Edna May Day 1 "

Marriage Marriages Dec 1904 (>99%)

Day David Alcester 6d1278

Prior Alice Alcester 6d1278


Peter Goodey
26-07-2018, 7:44 AM
Looking to see if she was actually divorced or just separated.

Here's a very simple bit of research you can do yourself.

Order Alice Day's death certificate

Deaths Jun 1969
DAY Alice 3Mr1883 Worcester 9d 653

When you receive the death certificate, look in the column 5 and see what it says about her marital status.

26-07-2018, 10:10 PM
I will do this, I checked the 1939 list of addresses and she is shown as resident with my grandmother, listed as married, but my father recalls she left husband (David) due to domestic violence.

26-07-2018, 10:13 PM
I am pretty sure this is my great grandmother, will try to find her birth certificate. My father states that before marriage she was in service, but cannot recall where, possibly in/around Bromyard.

27-07-2018, 8:25 AM
1901 Census Horden Street Wolverhampton

William Prior 43 Iron Tank Maker b. Wolverhampton
Emmilin Prior wife 34 b. Islington London
Alice Prior dtr 18 Domestic Servant b. Wolverhampton
Florence Prior dtr 16 "
Lily prior dtr 6 "
William A Prior son 0 "

Alice Prior b. June Qtr 1883 06B mmn Fieldhouse.

William Prior married Clara Filedhouse June Qtr 1882 6b 802

Clara Prior death Dec Qtr 1898 age 40 6b 336

2nd marriage

William Prior married Emmiline Cadwallader Dec Qtr 6b1088


27-07-2018, 5:44 PM
I am pretty sure this is my great grandmother, will try to find her birth certificate. My father states that before marriage she was in service, but cannot recall where, possibly in/around Bromyard.

27-07-2018, 5:50 PM
Thank you so much, this has now managed to open up a further line on the tree search. I will order the birth, marriage and death certificates for Alice and try and unravel the puzzle around David.

27-07-2018, 7:58 PM
In the 1939 register there is a David Day born 16 May 1884 living at 81 Perryfields Road , Bromsgrove, married, with Jessie Hutchings born 10 October 1893 whose name has been changed to Jessie Day in green ink. There are three redacted entries.
Someone on their public tree on ancestry has her married to David Day.
I can't see a marriage for them on FreeBMD or ancestry

There is the death of a Jessie Day March 1/4 1975 Bromsgrove registration district age at death 75 birth date 9 October 1893.
I can't see a death for a David Day born c1884 in Worcestershire up to 1984

Getting the certificates is the way to go

28-07-2018, 4:34 PM
I wonder if he was a casualty of the WW1, missing believed killed, one of the millions with no known grave. Or a bigamist who changed his name later on and did a disappearing act. We shall have to see what we can unravel, thanks for the pointers

29-07-2018, 5:20 PM

1891 Census Britton Street, Bromsgrove.

David Day 37 Needle Scourer b Worcestorshire (Same occupation as David in 1911 census)
Catherine Day 44 "
Fred Day 13
Harry Day 12
Florry Day 9 b. Warwickshire
David Day 6 b. Warwickshire

familysearch has this Christening

David Day b. 13/5/1884 christening 3/8/1884 Alcester Warwickshire

Father David Day mother Catherine Day.

1939 register found by Christina David Day b. 16/5/1884 could be the same person

Worth considering