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19-10-2004, 3:34 AM
I am interesting in finding a connection to Lieutenant John Bezant (c. 1791- c. 1861) of the Royal Marines Artillery during the Napoleonic Wars. He died at 254 Marylebone Road, London. I believe that his son was Ensign G.P. Bezant who lost both feet to a cannonball and bled to death in 1837 while fighting in the Carlist Wars in Spain.

Ron Bezant
Milton, Ontario

19-10-2004, 9:33 AM
Hello Ron,
Not able to help with you with John Bezant but I know someone who may.
There is a Bessant/Beszant etc One Name Study being done by Brenda Davis in the UK. I am not sure is she has got as far as your dates and area of interest but it worth a try. I will send her details to you direct.

It sounds as if your line is from the London families? My maternal grandmother was a BESZANT from the Chippenham area of Wilts., this line now has branches in Australia and Canada.