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02-10-2017, 4:22 PM
Please could anyone advise if there is anyway to get the detail behind a driver present at the Battle of Waterloo ?
Wm (William ) Port
I have enlisting date 1804 , Medal roll - driver, royal artillery drivers, under Captain GH Grimes 'D' troop, Military Discharge 31 Dec 1818 Chatham, Kent Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers

Also, if I will be able to establish if he served in the Penninsular war?
Also any detail of 'D'troops role.

I am not in the Uk so trying to do this online.......

thank you

Lesley Robertson
03-10-2017, 9:02 AM
Welcome to the British Genealogy forum.
I'm sure you appreciate that records from that period are sparse. You seem to have found more than I have for another soldier of that time, so if you find more, please come back and tell us where!
Have you tried searching for Capt Grimes? Officers tend to be documented than their men, but if you can find him, that will at least tell you what his troop was doing.
Other than that, keep re-checking. More and more info is appearing every day. However, bear in mind that such collections often appear on only one of the commercial genealogy databases because that particular company has bought the license for the dataset and has then done all the digitizing. I always check Ancestry, Find my Past and our own partners, FWR as well as The National Archives and the National Records of Scotland. Both TNA and NRS have a lot of records that are not on line, but at least they are (mostly) indexed.

03-10-2017, 9:45 AM
Thank you - source was an ancestry member, am in touch re-origin, trying to verify independently with the NA.

29-06-2018, 11:46 PM
Hello, I also have an ancestor who was in the Royal Artillery Drivers Corps from 1808 and discharged 1818. He served in Troop D which fought at Waterloo. I have his discharge document and his pay records from the later part of his service. I just found this website and would be willing to correspond regarding the Corps. I live in New York, USA
Regards, Whit Fowler

04-02-2019, 7:24 PM
Hi, where did you find his discharge document? I have found some pay documents on Ancestry and the 1815 Waterloo Medal but nothing on joining or leaving the service. Also, the most useful information online was from a book called Wellington's Men Remembered, Vol. 1 by Janet & David Bromley. It probably gives me all the information I need on the military aspect but I am still trying to establish that I have the right person.
Regards, Ian

05-02-2019, 12:45 PM
Hello Ian,
Apologies, I don't have a reference on military documents for you. My information comes from the actual documents. I have my g-g-grandfathers pay records and his discharge records. However, I will be going to Scotland in April to find additional info in records and will let you know if I learn anything.
Whitson Boig Fowler

05-02-2019, 7:09 PM
Thanks very much for the follow up. My Thomas Calder is well documented in terms of service in the military but I can't find that "smoking gun" that establishes where he came from. I'm hoping Lanarkshire, Scotland but?