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05-07-2017, 8:45 PM
Hello everyone

I am researching ancestors that worked as navi"s on the Settle and Carlisle viaduct. Could some one tell me please where I could find records of those that worked on the viaduct such as payrolls, company records and perhaps censuses. Which parishes were close to the viaduct where it was known that a lot of navi communities lived.


Megan Roberts
05-07-2017, 11:16 PM
Are you talking about the Ribblehead Viaduct? If so that is located in Ingleton, Carnforth, North Yorkshire.

There is a web site called the Friends of the Settle to Carlisle line which might give you some useful pointers as to where to look for other records

The National Archives guide may also help:

06-07-2017, 9:27 AM
According to what I can find on Google the Ribblehead viaduct was built by the Midland Railway. There is a Midland Railway Society. The website is


They may be able to help you.


Peter Goodey
06-07-2017, 10:50 AM
Navvies (spelling it correctly will help you to search for useful advice) were generally employed by contractors rather than the railway companies themselves. I should think the chances of finding employment records are close to zero.

If you want to know what the relevant parish might have been, use GenUKI.

Ribblehead was a hamlet in the parish of Low Bentham. You'll be interested in the article in GenUKI called "Ribblehead and Salt Lake Cottages" by Maggie Cassidy. The link in GenUKI seems to be broken but you can find the article in Google's cache.