View Full Version : numbers on muster rolls - clueless!

28-09-2005, 4:24 PM
I have a copy of a muster roll from the national archives, but on the right hand side of this is a set of numbers pertaining to dates served on a particular ship, at the bottom of the page it says invalided 17 2 1. could someone please take the time to explain what these are, i really have not got a clue could they relate to sickness? or to wages? i

28-09-2005, 6:42 PM
Hi Pejay, I'm not sure but having looked at a sample page in the book Ancestral Trails the numbers look like sums of money (pounds, shillings and pence). The column heading refers to 'Slop Cloaths supplied by - Navy' so may be how much new or replacement clothing/uniforms cost perhaps?

29-09-2005, 11:28 AM
hi there,
thanks for taking the time to reply to my query, i am really a bit confused by this, the muster roll helps with some aspects but not others - i just wish it would say what it was, i can understand that some could be wages or money spent on clothing and sundries etc; - but this one seems a bit strange
1 - 12 - 2 - 4 that is the most confusing one!!