View Full Version : Dear ErnCou

12-01-2016, 2:04 PM
Dear ErnCou: I have been notified you want to be "friends" within this forum. Forgive my suspicion, but I see no activity within your profile that has lead you to my research or interests. Could you clarify or add to how you found my record? Again, forgive my suspicion in a world that has become increasingly wary.
Regards, Yeates

Pam Downes
12-01-2016, 3:21 PM
Hi Yeates,

I can understand your suspicion of someone who sends a 'friends' request less than an hour after they've joined BG and I would be equally wary.

However I can assure you (and everyone else :smile5:) that approving a friend request doesn't give that person access to any further information about you than can be found by clicking on your user name.
Having said that I would only approve people who I've got to 'know' on the forum. And please don't all flood me with requests if I say that I think the last time I received a request was about five years ago. :biggrin: It's now probably a very dormant feature of the forum. I'm one person who's forgotten it's there.