View Full Version : How to avoid a 'Your inbox is full' message

Pam Downes
05-04-2015, 5:27 PM
Ladykis posted a helpful hint in a thread informing me that my inbox was full.
I've deleted the thread, but I'll post the tip.

If the messages contain information you want to keep why not copy and paste it to a word document and save it on your computer. You can put details of who it is off etc onto the document and that way you free up your inbox even more.

Just a thought. I have a folder in my FH file that is just for information received on B-G

My handy hint is that if you receive an email notification that someone has PM'd you that email will contain the message in the PM. If you need to keep a copy, then once you've replied to the PM you can delete the original from your 'in box' and just keep the email notification. (Which amounts to the same as doing what Ladykis suggested but without having to
copy-and-paste. :biggrin:)