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14-12-2014, 6:52 PM
I had a thread here http://www.british-genealogy.com/threads/84599-Where-to-go-now

and it has fired me with enthusiasm but I'm not sure where best to go now/what to do next.

The Will of Elizabeth Ross convinces me that Catherine O'Hanlon's mother's maiden name was Ross. It explains the appearance of Ross as a middle name for her son and a grand-daughter.

The Belfast News Letter of 3rd June 1897 under 'Legal Notices' gives the information of a Seven Day Licence Transfer from Elizabeth Ross to Edward Winter Hume and Margaret Fleming. Edward Winter
Hume was the husband of Catherine O'Hanlon.

2. The Will of Elizabeth Ross gives details of her various bequests including the gift of her public house to Edward Winter Hume husband of Catherine O'Hanlon who is noted as the niece of Elizabeths' late husband.

Reading the Will reveals that the late husband of the widow Elizabeth Ross was Thomas Ross. The Will refers to another niece of Thomas (also named Elizabeth Ross) of Lurgan, another neice named Ellen Kennedy, a "neice-in-law" named Elizabeth Thomas, and a brother of her husband named John Ross - Lurgan. No family connection to Margaret Fleming the widow of William Fleming is mentioned.

So, given that I have a rough family tree I don't know whether to take this back to a professional researcher or whether to use the IFHS website and buy a monthly subscription or whether another site would be suitable.

Any advice please?

10-07-2016, 2:46 AM
Did you get any replies? Given the plethora of information online these days, you could try to do your own work on your own tree until you get stuck.

Lesley Robertson
10-07-2016, 11:05 AM
Audrey, we don't allow more than one thread about the same search because it's frustrating is someone spends their time trying to help, only to find that the same help has already been given. I am therefore going to close this thread, if anyone can help further, the url to Audrey's original thread is in message 1 and I've also made it appear on the new posts list.

BTW I agree with post 2, it's more fun, if frustrating, to do as much as possible yourself. Keep an eye on the Ancestry sites, for example. They sometimes have free subscriptions for a couple of days or more (but make sure you cancel before the time is up if you don't want to stay with them. Find my Past also does this. Have a look round and see which site covers the areas you need - they nearly all have some sort of "about us" section where they tell you what they have. I also find FamilySearch useful for preliminary searches.