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27-08-2014, 11:26 AM
Hello there
Would some kind person perform a look up for me for my 3x great grandfather John Pascoe born in Quethiok in Cornwall? He was on HMS Queen in 1853 and having found out quite a bit about the ship itself (including seeing the ship in a barrel at the Greenwich Museum) I would love to track down some info about Johns service record.
Thanks in hope
Jan Phillips

02-09-2014, 6:08 AM

Firstly there were two John Pascoe's on HMS Queen during the Crimean War (1854), John - Cook's Mate, ship's no.456 and John Henry - Ordinary Seaman ship's no.607, both were awarded the Crimea Medal with the Sebastopol clasp and the Turkish Crimea Medal. My question to you would be do you know which man he is?

To find out more about each you could visit the National Archives and consult Queen's Description Book (ADM 38/8800). This will have a physical description of each man, where and when he was born, previous RN ships served on, marital status etc. Unless he signed-up for Continuous service, which was first introduced in 1853, but did not become compulsory until 1873, there will not be a service record in the ADM 139 series of records on the NA website. You could also try a search of the Merchant Seamen's Records on FMP, because many men who were in the Navy were also issued with a seamen's 'Ticket'.

Hope this has provided some possible leads.


02-09-2014, 9:19 AM
Thank you so much. I do know roughly what john looked like so what I need to do is go back to that record and see what his number was. I suspect he was the OS but i havbe no record of huim having a second name so maybe he was a cooks mate in his first ship.