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Pam Chetland
03-09-2005, 10:19 PM
Searching for birthdate and names of parents of Joseph Dennison (according to 1851 census born in Dalkeith) died in coalmine 1854 in Dalkeith aged 38yrs He married Christian Cook in Newton Midlothian in 1833 at that time he was working for a Mr Rankine at Millerhill

02-01-2006, 5:00 AM
I am also researching Dennisons in Dalkeith and am having similar problems due to the sparse records. I am descended from William Dennison, who married Amelia (Emily) Bernard in 1819. I know William was born in Dublin around 1790 but little else. I have been trying to map the Dennisons in Dalkeith but with little success. However I have been wondering about Joseph - he did have a daughter named Amelia, and she had a daughter named Meadie Bernard - which would suggest a possible link. Joseph may have been born a little early because of the marriage in 1819 (but then again many miners cohabited until forced to marry) or it is possible Joseph was a nephew of William's. Only theories at the moment, but may provide some possible avenues to follow up.

06-01-2006, 5:09 AM
According to the 1841 census for Dalkeith:

Denson, Christian, WI, 30, Address: Leyden's Close
Denson, Joseph, HD, 25, coal miner "
Denson, Christian, DA, 6 "
Denson, Amelia, DA, 4, "
Denson, John, SO, 11m, "

Infortunately the 1841 census gave no other details such as POB etc. These are the only "Denson's" listed in the Dalkeith census.

Hope this helps,