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18-07-2014, 9:36 PM
i am trying to find any information about my great granddad George Wozencroft born 1813 died 1872 both in rhayader and his father william wozencroft born 1775 in hadarnfywrgat wales and died in 1854 in rhayader. any information or help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

18-07-2014, 9:54 PM
I was worried that Wozencroft would be hard to track down... such a common name in Wales. Then I found a birth of a William Wozencroft around b:1778 on a marriage certificate to a Miss Jones b:1782 and I thought "whew"...NOW it's easy...Jones is such a rare name in Wales! :)

Joking aside, that was the only record I could find around the time you stated for William. LDS Family Search.

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18-07-2014, 9:58 PM
1851 HO107 piece 2494 folio 58 page 4. East Street Rhayader
George, a shoemaker born Rhayader , is living with his father William born Hadarnfgweydt, and William's wife Jane born Llanwrthwl, Breconshire . I would say that Jane is the second wife as she is 49 and George is 38!

1841 HO107 piece 1458, book 12 folio 5 page 3
Wm Wozencraft 65 shoemaker
Jane Wozencraft 40
George Wozencraft 25 shoemaker
David Wozencraft 20 shoemaker
All born Radnorshire

Added: variations of the name - Wassencraft/ Wossencroft etc etc etc!

It is possible that David is the son of Jane if he is 20 however the ages have been marked down to the nearest 5 as was required for the 1841 census.

Now we have a base from which to work.:smile5:

19-07-2014, 3:40 AM
On familysearch.org

28 March 1834 Radnorshire Wales
William Wozencraft
Spouse - Jane Price

So the children belong to the first wife

Do you have George on the censuses?

19-07-2014, 4:45 AM
Hi Mark
try as I might I can't make familysearch.org cough up the marriage you found to a Miss Jones. I did find a marriage elsewhere to an Ann Davies in 1799 and one of the witnesses could be an Anne Jones or Jossey. (hard to read the original register.) The other witness is a ? Davies.

I also can't find baptisms for George and David. Bah!


Megan Roberts
19-07-2014, 9:17 AM
If you have access to Find my Past they have lots of relevant baptism, marriage and burial records.

However, you need to search under the current county name - POWYS - and not the old one - RADNORSHIRE.

So for instance I think that your George was baptized 7 Dec 1812 in Rhayder to William and Jane, and he was buried 3 Jan 1872 at parish of Llansanffraid Cwmteuddwr.

Megan Roberts
20-07-2014, 9:14 AM
I had another look at the parish records and found that there are a number of spelling variations. These are down to what the person writing the register wrote, or what has been transcribed. So for instance you might find the Banns for a marriage with one spelling but the actual marriage record with another.

The variations found are:

20-07-2014, 11:26 PM
"Wozencroft - Can there be a local surname with more spelling variations: Woozencroft, Worsencroft, Wosencraft, Wostencraft, Wostencroft, Wozencraft are just some from the 1841 Census. It's a name that was found in the Radnorshire parishes of Bugeildy, Llanbister and Llanyre in the 1670 Hearth Tax, having come into the county from Montgomeryshire where it crops up in Llanidloes as early as 1578. Said to originate from the Lancashire placename Wolstencroft it no doubt entered Wales as part of the Elizabethan plantation in Western Montgomeryshire. The 19C censuses show that Wozencroft and Wozencraft are overwhelmingly names associated with Mid Wales"

Wulfstan's Croft (paddock)

from: Some More Radnorshire Surnames

21-07-2014, 7:33 AM
Welsh wills on line cat.llgc.org.uk/cgi-bin/gw/chameleon?skin=profeb&lng=en

Have had a quick search under various versions (Wosencroft, Wosencraft, Wozencroft, Wozencraft &c). Covers period up to 1858

Megan Roberts
02-08-2014, 10:48 PM
If you search the National Library of Wales site - http://www.llgc.org.uk/en - you will find a lot of documents referring to Wozencroft / Wozencraft, including various pedigrees and wills etc.

Some you can see on line - for others you would have to visit Aberystwyth or request a quotation for them to provide you with copies: http://www.llgc.org.uk/services/enquiries/nlwenquiries/