View Full Version : Record of Marriage in Kissingen Bavaria 1874

Richard Miller
06-05-2014, 7:55 PM

I am interested in finding a parish record of a marriage in Kissingen on 30 Sep 1874 between Sophia Esther Caldwell (age about 30) and Adolf Von Grimm a Captain in the 22 Royal Austrian Rifles. I have this information from looking at newspaper records online.

Is it possible to search on line to find this marriage or are there any German family history forums on which one could ask for a look up for a parish record?



07-05-2014, 6:35 AM
If you type Germany family history forum in to a search engine you will get a lot of sites to explore, not just forums but the first site should be looking4kin (put www.in front) which is a forum. I didn't explore any of them other than familysearch.org which has quite a lot of info and links on the subject. I would expect that Cyndi's List will have some also.