View Full Version : Ewyas family, South Yorks & Lancs

David Eaves
21-08-2005, 9:34 PM
I am researching the Ewyas family of Hereford, who were an Anglo-Norman family who arrived on the Welsh Borders in 1046, when Edward the Confessor became King of England, and his nephew, Ralph, became Earl of Hereford. He later held the distinct title of Ralph "the Timid" de Ewyas.
By 1257 the Ewyas family had arrived at Samlesbury, Lancashire, obtaining the manor by marriage of Sir John Ewyas to Cecily Samlesbury, the Samlesbury heiress.
Sir Nicholas Ewyas, a knight of Sir Hugh Bigod, and father of Sir John Ewyas, was a recipient of Foliot possessions in the de Lacy fee of Fenwick and Balne in South Yorkshire.
Please can anyone shed any light on how the family managed through land possessions to get from Ewyas in Herefordshire to South Yorkshire?
The family is also known to be recorded as Deuyas, Euyas, Evias, Devias and Denias holding other lands in Worcs Suddeley), Wilstshire (Telfont Evias) and Suffolk, and may have been connected to the Robin Hood legend through Walter Ewyas at Fenwick.
Thank you.
David Eaves, Lancashire.