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26-10-2013, 2:17 PM
I am researching the Goodhew family who lived in Boxley, Kent in the mid 1800s. There were a number of children in the family and all went to school. I have tried to find out any information about the village school but to no avail. Can anyone help? Maybe it only closed within living memory?

I will be grateful for any help or advice, but please don't suggest the Maidstone Library - I have tried with no luck.

Many thanks.

Peter Goodey
26-10-2013, 3:34 PM
The best place to look is a county directory. CD copies don't cost much to buy and you might like to think about buying a few for counties you're interested in.

I picked on at random - Kelly's 1882 - and it lists a National School in Boxley, Mr and Mrs Mannering were master and mistress.

In the 1851 PO Directory, Mr & Mrs Offord were in charge.

You know what a National School was?

There's a collection online at Historical Directories and on Ancestry.

Peter Goodey
29-10-2013, 6:05 PM
By the way, I've just seen an article which confirms what I suspected. The old Victorian village school is now the church hall!