View Full Version : Dynan/Dinan...Irish Tailors in Lancashire.

12-10-2013, 2:53 PM
I'm new to this site and I'd love some help with my ancestors who were from somewhere in Ireland originally but lived in the Manchester area by around 1827 , then Rochdale in 1835 and then the Liverpool area from around 1838.
There are two or three generations who all appear to be 'Tailors' so I'm hoping this occupation will help me to track them down.
The father was John Dynan/Dinan and relations could have been Nicholas Dynan/Dynon and other men of the same surname who also appear to be Tailors (probably 'journeymen Tailors' as on the 1841 census John has a 'J' after it!)
Surprisingly a lot of male Dynan/Dinan/Dynen/Dynon's appear to be 'tailors' which is why I'm hoping this occupation may lead to my breakthrough!

I've tried by researching 'Manchester and the Irish' online and it seems that in the early 1800's Manchester was called 'Little Ireland' and was a poor and difficult place to live!
If anyone can help with information about 'Tailors' in Lancashire in the early 1800's or Dynan/Dinan 'Tailors' pre that in Ireland, or in any way, I'd be delighted.
Thanks and Best Wishes.