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I am interested in looking into the life of Sholto Douglas Sorlie who fought in the Peninsula War. He was in the 4th Royal Vet'n Battalion. I do not any further information on his parents, wife, children, place he lived etc. However a Sholto Douglas Sorlie did write a book about sword fighting. I don't know if it was him or his father.

20-08-2013, 1:58 AM
From familysearch.org

Sholto Douglass Sorlee
Spouse -Mary Bellwood
8 Feb 1796
At Yarm, York, England

If you go to familysearch.org and just enter Sholto Sorlie you get the above result plus 3 to 4 other births and marriages, a couple of them in Scotland.

Just entering Sholto Douglass Sorlie in to a search engine will bring up a lot of information with one site having a free ebook "A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines" with Sholto listed as a Lt in April 1806.

It appears he was born in Scotland, married and died in Yorkshire.

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"Sorlie" rang a bell - there is a separate thread re "Hodgson & Sorlie".
Your opening post is unclear ie. "I do not ..... any further".
Can you clarify pl?

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I don't like to post what I haven't confirmed. So many times I've been led astray by links that don't add up. I know it's difficult to go back from 19th C.ie records lost, illegible etc
Have got lost in some unanswered questions and links....
Was Sholto's sibs Elizabeth and Alexander? Were their parents James Sorlie and Margaret Ferguson? Who was she?
How common is the name Sholto in Scotland?
Was James Sorlie related to Scottish Earl of Morton's dau Margaret? Was he a servant? Was Margaret a maid to Mary Queen of Scots, mother of Darnley? She lived in Otley (maybe after beheading?) Is this a silly link?
The book 'The Words of Command, and a Brief Explanation of the New Sword Exercise' written by Sholto Sorlie, Seageant Major in the 7th(Queens Own) Regiment of the Light Dragoons. Found in 'The Times' 1/6/1798. issue 4211,col A. Not sure this man is the same Ltn Sholto Sorlie as above.

Thanks for your interest

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Yes you definitely have to confirm any findings or information that others give you.
It may help to pick one question out of those above and concentrate on answering it then move on to the next.
From familysearch.org
Marriage of James Sorlie
to Margaret Ferguson
27 May 1770
Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Spouse's father - Alexander Ferguson

Birth Edinburgh Parish 24 Feb 1771 Alexander Sorlie parents James Sorlie and Margaret Ferguson
Baptism 22 Dec 1772 Sholto Sorlie Edinburgh Parish James Sorlie and Margaret Ferguson.
I am not getting any results for a baptism of an Elizabeth Sorlie parents James Sorlie, mother Margaret or just with a father James. But I have noticed that results can vary so going back to it later something may come up.

Now you know that Alexander was the brother of Sholtie and named after his mother Margaret's father, Alexander Ferguson.
I wonder why James Sholtie's father was not on the marriage record? You could always order the film from an LDS centre and see if it gives anymore information.

21-08-2013, 4:27 AM
I went on to ScotlandsPeople, which is pay per view, and entered James Sorlie birth 1735 to 1765. Only one result came up which you can't see without buying credits. By a process of elimination I got the baptism year down to 1743. Then I went on to familysearch.org and found this
James Sorlie
Christening Date - 12 Jun 1743
Place - Dollar Clackman Scotland
Father - James Sorlie
Mother - Margt. Drysdail

This looks the most likely baptism for Margaret Ferguson because it is in Midlothian but it would need confirming possibly by using ScotlandsPeople
Margaret Ferguson
Christened - 21 Dec 1750
at Corstorphine Midlothian Scotland
Born 20 Dec 1750
Father - Alexander Ferguson
Mother - Janet Hardie

It is a possibility that Sholto Sorlie married twice. First time to Mary Bellwood as Sholto Douglas in Yarm and second time to Mary Yates 1812 Wakefield which would mean that there is only one Sholto Sorlie.

21-08-2013, 9:31 AM
Died - Thursday last, at leeds, Lieut. and Adjutant Sholto Douglas Sortie, formerly of the 68th Regiment of Light Infantry, late of the Second Veteran's battalion. The deceased Lieut Sorlie was at the battle of Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Navelle, Orthes, Peninsular &c. He was a good officer and a brave soldier. He was born on the 21st Dec 1771, therefore died in his 68th year
(Leeds Intelligencer Sat 2 Nov 1839).

21-08-2013, 1:29 PM
Re "possibility that Sholto Sorlie married twice" - see related thread "Hodgson and Sorlie" for deaths of both wives.

The same thread identifies a "Corporal Sholtie, 7th Regiment of Dragoons". This relates to a Corporal Sorlie being required to appear at Leeds Sessions, Oct 9th 1794, re a "Recognizance 30".

The Times article 1 Jun 1798, refers to a "Sergeant Major Sholto Sorlie ...... 7th (or Queen's own) Regiment of Light Dragoons"

The separate thread referred to has an "Ensign Sholto Sorlie .... 96th foot" transferring to the 46th Regiment of foot as Lieutenant in May 1806 and subsequently to the 68th Regiment of foot early 1807.

Trying to identify/confirm that a Serg. Major Sholto Sorlie, 7th Regiment of Dragoons (1 Jun 1798) transferred to the 96th foot at some point

21-08-2013, 4:25 PM
There is an index card for Sholto Sorlie on Captain Lionel S Challis' "Peninsular Roll Call" at

Limited info and you can "translate" the abbreviations used on the card from the List of Abbreviations provided

27-08-2013, 2:00 AM
I have a Robert Sorlie married to Mary Duncan 2/6/1692

Yes, I have Sholto married Mary Bellwood 8/2/1796. Then married Mary Yates/shalts 1812... and maybe one daughter born in Essex? I have an inkling Sholto may have been there when a soldier. But not confirmed yet
But, have a Margaret Ferguson died in 13/11/1747, and another born 1880. Also a James Sorlie born 1856, And a Sholto Douglas born 1886.

The further I go back the more problems I find ie with a smaller population than we have now, the difficulty with records and their interpretation, and common names of the time.

Perhaps it's the Sholto Douglas line that is the link for me as I have very very tenuous link to Douglas clan in Scotland's past history.

Thanks for your info

27-08-2013, 2:20 AM
Thanks for all your efforts. I have scraps of some of this info and will unravel and match what I have with your info asap.

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A marvellous resource. Thankyou.

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Can't remember what I was trying to say. Where is my post?

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Sholto Sorlie in the Peninsular War

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