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Blues Mark
13-02-2013, 10:21 PM
looking for the baptism of Fortune Crawford about 1729. She married Charles Mace, a gunner stationed at Berwick upon Tweed in July 1747. Have searched Berwicks P/Rs without success. Anyone come across her at all?

13-02-2013, 11:47 PM
Hello Blues Mark,
Your query dates are in the 1700s and the question is on the WW1 board (1914 - 1918).

Do you want the thread moved? :smile5:

13-02-2013, 11:57 PM
Have you checked Scotlands people?

Marriage 26 Jul 1747 Berwick on Tweed ( familysearch)

Burial Fortune MACE 15 Apr 1783 Berwick on Tweed ( familysearch) looking at the original record may assist

Otherwise have a look at this site!


Blues Mark
14-02-2013, 3:00 PM
yes please move the thread. have contributed to macegeneology before but nobody dseems to have tracked them down...

14-02-2013, 3:12 PM
yes please move the thread. As Mutley is not currently around, now moved to the Georgian period.

Blues Mark
15-02-2013, 6:55 PM
dont know where to look for her though...cannot find an entry for her baptism in Berwick so where next, Scotland ? or where?

15-02-2013, 7:24 PM
dont know where to look for her though...cannot find an entry for her baptism in Berwick so where next, Scotland ? or where?As geneius said in post #3, try Scotlands People. (google it). Berwick changed hands between the Scots and the English that many times....

Also see the website to which she has posted a link.

Blues Mark
15-02-2013, 8:18 PM
no joy with Scotlands people unfortunately drew a blank and as i said i havwe posted and contributed to the link website several times but this doesnt appear to have progressed as no one can find eithger Fortune or husband Charles Mace who we only know was a gunner in the Royal Regt of Artillery...no baptism info or service record and he seems to perhaps have been killed or died whilst on duty but is not buried in Berwick so.... again no ideas...

15-02-2013, 11:39 PM
Don't think I can really help, it is difficult back then.
Crawford is quite common but Fortune as a first name is not so. I wondered if it was a family name and entered it without a surname into a pay per view site with the year 1730. Those in the Northumberland area, were at:
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Nether Witton,

A real long shot but a few more places to search in, if you've a mind.
It might also be worth seeing if the Crawford name appears in these places.