26-12-2012, 4:33 AM
SIRR: William b.1801 Fermanagh Ireland
CDN CENSUS: 1881- William b.1801 Fernanagh Ireland wife wife Ann and son Thomas.
Deaths: Wm and Ann names and dates came from cemetery stone....probably in Adjala Twp, Simcoe. Ontario Canada
As you can see I have info in Canada..just need to find him in Ireland and emigrating if possible.

ROSS: Henry b.1806 Fermanagh, North Ireland
CDN CENSUS: 1861 Henry Ross 35, wife 32, 4 kids, 5 kids living with another family
CDN CENSUS: 1871 Henry Ross, 65, born Ireland, Farmer, wife 59, 10 children
DEATH: Death Registered 26 May 1875/ Ancestry death registration (SD)/. Index to Probate records & Surrogate Court-Henry Ross died 16 May 1875 and buried 25 June 1875.
FYI…Henry’s wife Letitia is daughter of William Sirr.
As you can see I have info in Canada..just need to find him in Ireland and emigrating if possible.

Elwyn Soutter
29-12-2012, 2:51 AM
I can’t see any Sirrs listed in Fermanagh in the tithe applotment (tax) records for 1834, nor in Griffiths Valuation (1848 – 1864) nor in the 1901 census. Nor is there a single birth or death registered in Fermanagh in the statutory records. There is 1 marriage (in Lisnaskea in 1902). So I would be cautious about the information that the Sirr family were from Fermanagh. However there were some Sirr families living nearby in the adjacent county of Monaghan.

The tithes list a William Sirr in the townland of Golin Murphy (parish of Killevan) in 1825. John Sirr had that farm in Griffiths Valuation of 1860. Moore Sirr farmed it in the 1901 census. There were a total of 17 people named Sirr in Monaghan in the 1901 census.


The family were Church of Ireland. You might consider searching Killeevan Church of Ireland parish records. Their baptisms, burials and marriages only start in 1811, so if that was your William’s family, you won’t find his baptism. You might find siblings born later though. Perhaps also the baptisms of his own children later. You might also find the marriage of Letitia Sirr to Henry Ross. (Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church). A copy of the parish records is held in PRONI, Belfast. (MIC1/154). They are not on-line so far as I am aware.

Ross is a reasonably common name in Fermanagh, with 41 listed in Griffiths, and 4 in the tithes. I’d have a look at the Killevan records first to see if you find the family. That might then give you information to trace the Rosses. A small part of the 1821 census for Fermanagh has survived but otherwise you will again be relying on church records, most of which are not on-line but are held in PRONI, Belfast. If you find the family in the parish records, you might also want to investigate any gravestones in the local churchyard.

I suspect that the Ross family probably did come from Fermanagh but the Sirr family lived nearby in Monaghan. But I could be wrong.

I haven’t looked for any passenger records, but as I understand it, there was no requirement to compile passenger lists for journeys from Ireland or GB to Canada until 1865, and so there are few records to consult. PRONI do have passenger books for the years 1847 – 71 for shipping agents J & J Cooke who handled sailings from Londonderry to Quebec and St Johns (amongst other destinations). These are on microfilm MIC/13 at PRONI.

You should bear in mind that though your family might have sailed directly from Ireland to Canada, the busiest port of departure was Liverpool which had many more sailings, and so the majority of Irish emigrants left from there. (The agents usually threw in the cost of passage to Liverpool free). Here’s a link which gives a little information on emigration from the adjacent county of Donegal in the mid 1800s: