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20-12-2012, 12:21 PM
Trying to find any info on Capt Valentine Knight, he was in the Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Horse and was garrisoned at Banbury at some stage. Not sure if he was the same man who submitted plans for the rebuilding of City after the Great Fire 1666, apparently Charles II had him arrested and he was in Marshalsea at some stage for debt. Any info on where he came from and what happened to him during and after the war would be much appreciated.

20-12-2012, 6:37 PM
Hello there. Here are a few bits and pieces, which may or may not all relate to the same person.

I see that on another forum some time ago you mentioned that he had married the sister of a William Hawkes. This catalogue entry from Access to Archives (A2A) may therefore be relevant:

Wm. Hawkes of Oxford, gent., Valentine Knight of Easthaddon gent., his wife, Frances, Dorothy Knight, wid. of his father, Edw. Knight of Easthaddon, yeo., and John Knight of Newton, yeo., all to John Smith, jun. of Easthaddon, yeo. Moiety of one yard land in the North Fields of Easthaddon for 146 13s. 4d.; covenants by feoffee to pay sums of 26 13s. 4d. to sd. John Knight and to Eliz. and Anne Knight, daus. of sd. Edw. Knight, and to Edw. and Wm. Knight, sons of sd. Edw. Knight, the three last specified dates [presumably when they reached the age of 21], being legacies under the will of their father

This is a 1649 conveyance at Somerset Archive and Record Service (ref. DD\SF/1667). From other deeds in the same collection this seems to relate to East Haddon, Northamptonshire.

In Burke's 'A genealogical and heraldic history of the Commoners of Great Britain....' (e.g. 1833 edition, on Google Books) there's a list of 'Knights of the Royal Oak', or 'Gentlemen chosen by King Charles II, to be invested with the Order of the Royal Oak, and the value of their respective estates, A.D. 1660. From a MS. of PETER LE NEVE, Norroy.' The London section of the list includes Capt. Valentine Knight, 1500 p.a.

The 'Calendar of State Papers Domestic - Charles II' (also on Google Books has this petition (dated May 1660 if I am interpreting it correctly:

149. Capt. Valentine Knight. For the place of His Majesty's Brewer, having a convenient brewhouse at Westminster. Raised a troop of horse for the late King, and was raising another at the rising in Kent, but was discovered and imprisoned. Aided His Majesty at Nantwich, when marching towards Worcester.'
(Some entries are followed by notes saying the 'petitioner' was appointed, but there's no comment after entry 149.)

The will of a 'Valentine Knight, Gentleman of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex' was proved 17 Feb 1680 at the PCC. You should be able to download a copy from the National Archives' website for a small fee. Also have a look at their general catalogue which has some references to various Chancery cases involving a Valentine Knight.

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Wm. Hawkes of Oxford, gent., Valentine Knight of Easthaddon gent., his wife, Frances, Dorothy Knight, wid. of his father, Edw. Knight of Easthaddon, yeo.

FamilySearch has a couple of baptisms at Holborn St Andrew for children of Valentine/Vallintine & Frances Knight, Charles on 25 October 1657 and Elizabeth on 9 Nov 1658. So the Valentine in Holborn could be the same one mentioned in the 1649 conveyance.

It looks like Frances was dead by 1668. 'Allegations for marriage licences issued by the dean and chapter of Westminster, 1558-1699; also for those issued by the vicar-general of the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1660-1679' (e-text available on the Internet Archive) has an entry, possibly in 1668, reading thus:

May 25 Valentine Knight of S' Andrew's, Holborn, Esq., Wid', ab' 40, & M" Mary Culpeper, of Aylsford, co. Kent, Sp', ab' 31 at own dispose; at Aylsford afs'

I think this is from the section of Vicar-General marriage licence allegations but it's difficult to be sure with these OCR'd texts.

You'd need to do more digging to see if the marriage went ahead.

Another thing for the 'to do' list would be to look for the will of the Edward Knight, yeoman of East Haddon, who was dead by 1649.

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Have just revisited this thread and note I didn't thank CORMANDEL for the info provided. Very many apologies for being so remiss and many thanks.