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Chasing Caseys
31-07-2005, 1:21 PM
Is there anyone else suddenly today getting warnings that their out going mail may not be virus protected and AOL is unable to scan attachments ?
AOL behaves like a spoilt child if you dont use McAfee and i dont, i use Norton. My Norton is up to date and i scan once a week twice if im on a lot.
I think this may be affecting my outgoing mailsthat have attachments. I also run spyware at least once a week i dont know how much more i can do to protect this pc.
I did try to download their McCafee before installing Norton but it wouldnt install so gave up like a lot of other people judging by the AOL message boards and AOL and Norton fight like cat and dog when its running !

Is AOL being tempremental ? |banghead| or me |shakehead

Chasing Caseys
31-07-2005, 1:47 PM
I contacted live help to ask them why i was getting this message

AOL How may I help you today?
ME....... Your collegue previous to this cut me off for stating the obvious so i have noted his name to complain. My question was why am i getting messages that McAfee is unable to scan email attachments when i go to send one. i dont use McAfee and have never had this message before so why now ?
AOL.......... Alrifht mayi know if you are getting the message that macafee has not able to scan the mails isthat correct
AOL................ and you are not having mcafee
ME........... yes McAfee and AOL
ME................ I have Norton
AOL............ Alright you are getting this message because the macafeee antivirus at the aol server might not be able to scan the email attachment so you are getting this error message
ME........... maybe i dont know its never happened before so why now ?
AOL......... do not worryt as it is a warrning message which you just recived for your safety from aol that the mail you have recived is not been scanned by the server for virus so as you are having norton antivirus kindly scan it with you r antivirus for virus
AOL.............. OK Thank you
AOL............ Thank you for calling in to us, please come back to chat again if you have any further problems. Goodbye and have a great day ahead !!

So im safe then !! :confused:

Burrow Digger
31-07-2005, 2:40 PM
You need to set Norton to scan all incoming emails to your PC. Thats standard practice.

Chasing Caseys
31-07-2005, 2:42 PM
My Norton is set up properly its aol that throws the wobbly

31-07-2005, 7:12 PM
Tracey, I'm on AOL and I use Norton. They are trying to get people to take up McAfee. I just ignored it when I got a message last week. Norton is doing what I want, so I am staying with them. I haven't had any messages since.


31-07-2005, 7:17 PM
"My Norton is set up properly its aol that throws the wobbly"

As your Norton is set up properly, do the same as Glenys - just ignore the AOL message, it's irrelevant.

Steve Garnham
13-09-2006, 3:53 PM

Take a look at my reply to Rod's post about W32 Virus etc etc

The truth is you cannot over-protect yourself these days. A common mistake people make is they think they are protected if they have an Anti-Virus program (such as Norton) installed. The fact is not all scanners see the same things. I strongly suggest you load other products (my personal view is that Norton is no more than moderately average).

All the downloads I suggest in my reply to Rod are free of charge.

Best wishes


13-09-2006, 4:34 PM
If you really want to avoid viruses et al, then the simple answer is never turn on your PC.
Of course that is not practical, so the next best thing is to avoid using a system which is susceptible to these issues. I use Linux,which is not targetted by viruses etc. The Mac OSX is also pretty much immune to these problems. Neither of these may be practical for general users - you may already have a PC and not wish to purchase a Mac for example, or may feel Linux is too hard to learn or use. It is actually quite easy to use now, but I know people are reluctant to try and have no desire to preach!
Steve recommends various programs over on the other thread, which I would happily endorse for those who wish to use Windows. I personally would throw in AVG or a similar anti virus program - and, the most important thing - make sure all security programs, such as AV software, spyware detection etc, are up to date. Use a sensible firewall - at the very least, the Windows XP one, preferably something a little more powerful which can prevent outgoing as well as incoming unwanted connections.
Be aware that anti virus programs tend to not run well together. Pick one which you trust and keep that updated. Don't run two AV programs - it may work fine, but often causes issues. But do run the other programs - the anti spyware stuff such as AdAware or Spybot (or even both) and firewall.


Chasing Caseys
13-09-2006, 4:53 PM
Thanks all but if you see the date of the original post it was 13 months ago and as it turned out one of those things to be ignored and havnt had anything like it since or before the post. I have and always have had virus protector and all the neccesary extras like spybot, ad ware etc so if something wants to get through with all that then i suppose it will .......................... ;)