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25-11-2012, 4:32 AM
My particular ancestry is in Leicestershire, and I am tracing one family - William Tilly (also Tilley, Tillie, etc.) who married in 1790 Elisabeth (also Elizabeth, etc.) Bates in Burton Overy.

I have already found 2 children baptised in Burton Overy

When I search William in the FamilySearch.org database, with wife Elisabeth, the search pulls up a HUGE number of children for Leicestershire, and some for Burton Overy and some for the Langtons (Church Langton, Tur Langton, etc.).

My question is - is there any reason that a family located in one town (Burton Overy) would get their children baptised in two (or more) Parishes (Church Langton)?

Thank you!

Megan in Sydney

Megan Roberts
25-11-2012, 11:10 AM
I don't believe that there would be one reason which applies to all families. I think that you would need to know more about the individuals involved. For instance I will two examples from my own tree:

In Pembrokeshire, a couple married in 1778, and the banns clearly show that they came from different parishes. They married in the bride's parish. Their children were born between 1779-1793. The older ones were baptised in the mother's parish and the younger ones in the father's parish. I know when the father died (1801), that they were living in the father's parish. But what I don't know is whether they always lived there, or whether they started out in the wife's parish and then moved, or maybe she went home to mum to have the first children.

In Caernarfon, a couple married in 1815, and had children up until 1839. I have found baptisms for most of their children, and some of them are in the Parish Church, and others in the Wesleyan Chapel. There is no pattern to these. One in the church, next 2 in the Chapel, and then back to the Church etc. etc. Why this was, I have no idea. Was it because it depended upon what they thought of the respective preachers, or was it price dependant, or time dependant?

Sorry not to be more help.

25-11-2012, 11:30 AM
Hi Megan (I, too, am a Megan!),

Thank you for your reply.

Your examples are similar to my own experiences. I am very familiar with the parents from different Parishes having their children baptised/christened in the two parent's Parishes.

In my question, however, I tried to word my perplexity in a clear format - it is not clear to me why some of the children of the marriage are baptised in a Parish near-by that had no (obvious) connection to the parents or their parents. In your examples, the baptisms occurred because of a parental connection to the Parish.

Some of my research has shown that people may change Parishes:
1. if their own parish was unattended (the minister was elsewhere at the time)
2. they didn't like the current minister so went elsewhere
3. they moved to a new parish (irrelevant in this case)

The FamilySearch.org searches appear to show that the children were alternately baptised - Burton Overy, Church Langton, Burton Overy, Church Langton.

Bearing in mind that these are all FamilySearch.org records, they are indexes (indices?) only - I am yet to view the original records/copies. It is possible that more information would be seen in the originals.

Still, open to all suggestions!

Thanks for your response!

Megan in Sydney

25-11-2012, 12:01 PM

One possibility is that the family moved about a bit perhaps for work and children were simply baptised at the closest church at the time.


25-11-2012, 7:37 PM
The FamilySearch.org searches appear to show that the children were alternately baptised - Burton Overy, Church Langton, Burton Overy, Church Langton.

I am not sure I am looking at the same entries as you on FamilySearch as I can't see the alternation of which you speak.

Instead there is a set of Church Langton baptisms of children of William and Elizabeth Till(e)y in 1782-1787 (an Edmund Tilley baptised in 1779 as son of William may be part of the same family), and some burials including on 23 March 1789 the burial of Elizabeth, wife of William Tilley. Then there are two children of William & Elizabeth Tilley baptised in Burton Overy in 1790 and 1793.

You mention a 1790 marriage at Burton Overy. I haven't been able to find this in the main part of FamilySearch, only in a user-submitted entry from Ancestral File. Such entries aren't renowned for their accuracy. I would highly recommend getting hold of a copy of the original parish register entry to check where and when the marriage took place. As you say, there may be extra information in the original register too. It will be particularly important to know whether William was a bachelor or widower at the time of this marriage. If he was a bachelor, it would suggest that he was not the same William who was having children baptised in Church Langton in the 1780s.

If you have found other baptisms of children of William & Elizabeth Tilley in Burton Overy before 1790 or in Church Langton after 1790 then maybe it is time for me to get new glasses.:)