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08-10-2012, 3:13 AM
Wondering if anyone can find and privately send original copies of the following censuses. I belong to Ancestry but they have still not been granted access to Scotland's original documents for display on their site.

1841: Drygate Lane, Glasgow St Mungo Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland. John Bruff, 26, Lanarkshire, Brushmaker. Mary Bruff, 25; Agnes, 4. Elizabeth, 1. David Steel,50. David Steel Jr,18 Daniel Steel 13. Janet Steel, 10. Sorry, I have no Enumeration District or Page number for this. John and Mary are my maternal gr. greats.

1851 Queen Street, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire, Scotland Enu. Dist:10 Page:26: Agnes Bruff Servant 13, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, in home if Alexander and Agnes Morton: Weaver. Agnes here is my gr grandmother who was put to work when her parent/s died.

1851 High Street, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire, Scotland Enu. Dist: 2, Page 8. . Elisabeth Brough, Boarder, 10, Glasgow Lanarkshire, Scholar (Pauper of Glasgow) in home of Marion McKenzie. Believed to be the sister of Agnes.

1881 Dwelling: 172 Belfield Street Glasgow Lanark, Scotland Enu. Dist: 29 Page 5. George Henderson 46, b, Edinburgh Scotland; Elizabeth Henderson, 40. b. Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, with seven children whose ages range from 17 to 3 yrs: George, John, David, Mary, Buchanan, Elizabeth and Barbara. Elizabeth Henderson, 40, is Elizabeth Bruff sister of Agnes Bruff.

I believe the 1891 census has George Henderson remarried to Margaret Campbell but I have no reference address or page number for this.

I have a copy of the original page from 1881 census for the family of Agnes (Ann) Patterson (Steel) Murray and John Murray which shows her family just prior to emigration from Glasgow to Australia and would love to find out more about her sibling and ancestors.

Not expecting miracles here, so would appreciate anything at all. Hoping the info I have been given, above, is accurate.
Thanks. wendyar.

08-10-2012, 3:23 AM

You can download the images from Scotlandspeople, a payperview site, which is the only online source for Scottish census images. The images are available in person in certain locations in Scotland but whether they can be downloaded to a flash drive or not I'm not sure. If they can't then I think anyone accessing the images for you would be paying either through Scotlandpeople or photocopy costs,


08-10-2012, 10:40 PM
Thank you Andy,
I suspected that might be the case. Being in OZ, I won't be visiting Scotland any time soon. I will check out Scotlandspeople today.
Cheers, Wendy

12-10-2012, 4:17 AM

Hello again Andy,

Wonder if you or anyone-else can offer advice here?? I was already registered with scotlandspeople but a few days ago I purchased credits, hoping to view at least a couple of the census pages that I was after. Have you personally used the site and viewed the original censuses? I can only get as far as downloading Census Street Indexes which are free. I am encountering heaps of problems accessing the census pages and although I have emailed Scotlandspeople help site four times, they can't tell me what I am doing wrong. They could only suggest that it is a technical problem and to try a different browser; other than Internet Explorer. I tried via my Google Chrome browser and the same negative results. I am repeatedly asked to login, and am repeatedly thrown out telling me to register or login, or told that the webpage has expired and to try again, although I have only been logged in for a few minutes. I can't even get into the free search. Getting very frustrated here. I paid up front and no chance of a refund on that site. In need of assistance from any member, please.


12-10-2012, 5:35 AM
Hi Wendy

When you log into Scotlandspeople at the top on the right it should say Last Visited (date) Credits (a number) Member (your member name)

The URL should be http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/welcome.aspx

I've downloaded hundreds of images from Scotlandspeople although none recently and I can't say I have seen Census Street Indexes.


12-10-2012, 6:28 AM
More help Andy PLEEEASE.

I have finally got access to the page I want ---- but, 13 credits have been merrily gobbled up, I have only viewed the 1881 census index for the name I want, (which I already have) in duplicate, downloaded it after being given the prompt to do so and all I got was the same index version and yet to view the actual census page on the viewer!! Have Adobe Reader installed and have just downloaded a new version of Java and still can't view the page???? And tossed out again!!!

I have viewed the street index for the 1881 and 1841 census for Glasgow on the site. They look like the original documents in that they appear quite aged; yellowish-brown with crinkled edges. The page numbers can be seen, as can the street names and numbers but no individual households appear therein. A useful tool to save in your own downloads if you want to search for specific streets in specific towns. They are PDF files and open with my Adobe reader.

Wondering if they may have changed the format recently, although they said no-one else is complaining. I just asked them for help to navigate the site and their replies are rather glib. Self taught here and not all that computer literate but I can't say that I have found many sites difficult to follow.


12-10-2012, 7:04 AM
Hi Wendy

For the 1881 census there are two versions, one, the 1881 (LDS) version does not have images only transcriptions so for images use the other version.

Go in to My Details and scroll down to where it says Image Viewer, what does it say? I use Direct Download. I don't view the image but download it straight to my computer.

From the Tabs across the top go to Viewed Images, any you have bought should be listed and you can access them again without paying. Also in Previous Searches you can access searches you have already done without paying again.

Have a good look at the Help & Resources section, and the FAQs to familiarise yourself with how Scotlandspeople works, its great once you get the hang of it.


12-10-2012, 7:29 AM
Wendy, I thought it was just me that had trouble with Scotland People...I found it infuriating to pay and not be able to re-visit when they say you can...I haven't found the help they eventually offer any good at all. As you say, gobble up the credits while you find your way around, doing as it says only to realise that you have to know the little tricks to navigate. I'm into Glasgow as well...may pay me to visit personally :) Mind you, having a 2 x Gt Gran who married five times and only sometimes used her married names doesn't help (:

12-10-2012, 9:09 AM
Hi wendy

I think I see where you found the street index examples - via record availability on 'about our records' well that's not the way to go I'm afraid to find the census pages you are looking for.

Go back to the main page which comes up after you log in.

On the left of the page there are various options. Scroll down to census records (in green writing) then click on the census you want.
Say 1841.
Looking for John Bruff put Bruff in the surname box and John in forename.
As you know his age put 26 to 26 in age.
Put lanarkshire or Glasgow city in county/city
It should then (in this case) say 'your search found 1 match' with a big green tick. (If there had been say 3 John Bruffs age 26 in that area it would have said 3 matches)
If you click 'view 1 credit' it will give you the index list of matches
It will ask you if you are sure then take you to the list (in this case there will only be one)
You click the one you want from the list
It will then ask you if you wish to view the image for 5 credits, ask you if you are sure , then the image should appear.

Agnes Bruff in Kirkintilloch in 1851 also seems to be there (from the free index) but I think the Morton family may be indexed as Martin. They are Morton on Freecen (a good site for the 1841 1851 Scottish censuses) but the parents are on the page before the children.

Hope this helps.

nb I only looked at the free indexes and didn't actually check that the images would download.

I did have a problem this morning looking at my own viewed images (very top of the home page where all your downloaded images are saved to see again) but this was because my Java was out of date. They are all there now that I've updated it.

15-10-2012, 1:42 AM
Hello grisel,

Been out and about and away from the monitor for the weekend so thought I would come back with a fresh mind! Re the street indexes, I understand all that part. Andy was not familiar with them so I thought I would add what I had found. In them, I can confirm the street names and numbers from the lists I have here and some of them, not listed in my first post, are not 100% accurate.

On Friday I was sticking to George Henderson in Bellfield Street and got as far as 5 credits to view the census page. I did find a list of 5 or 6 George Hendersons and mine was there, so I opted to view him.

I must have clicked the wrong box, twice because all I could see was a big grey box. Nothing appeared therein. When I went back to view previous images, I had the name and county and I think, year. No census image. Tried a second time and where it asks if you want to "view" or "download" I selected "download". Yes, it downloaded, thank-you but when I opened the download on Adobe reader, only the name, county and year appeared, again: 5 credits gone again!! I have downloaded a version of Java, recommended by Scotlandspeople but nothing happened at all ------.

Today, I have two emails from Scotlandspeople and I admit I am a bit reluctant to read them at all. I don't expect to find any assistance from them at all, which I find extremely annoying, given they they are clearly making a profit from members inexperience. If one member of BG has already expressed the same frustration I feel sure there will be many others worldwide.

Other sites have search boxes to click and I have never had any difficulty with their results. They open immediately.

Anyway grisel, I will persevere until I am out of credits, 17 left, then not bother with them again. "Patience is a virtue" and I usually have heaps to spare.

I'll keep every one posted. Thanks to all for your help to date.


15-10-2012, 4:07 AM
Hi Wendy

To try to work out where you are having problems can you check something.

First of all Login then select My Details and scroll down to Image Viewer to see what you have chosen re viewing images.

Secondly I'm assuming that when you are searching for George Henderson you are looking in the 1881 census, as I said in an earlier message there are two versions of the 1881 census, one has images the other doesn't. The fact you mention his address suggests that you are looking at the version that doesn't have images, only transcriptions.

When you look at the Census Records box on the left hand side you will see two references to 1881. If you select the bottom one 1881(LDS) and look at the Search screen you will see it says Census 1881 LDS transcriptions. This does not have images. The 1881 census you want is other one. When you select that it will be headed Search the 1881 Census. This is the version that has images. Follw the instructions that grisel has posted in an earlier message


15-10-2012, 5:36 AM

Hi All

I have been advised once again by Scotlandspeople that my problem is a technical one and I should engage an IT expert!!

May I say a very big thank-you to all, for your help over the last few days. By ignoring the advice from customer help at Scotlandspeople, ignoring my Adobe Reader and totally disregarding my new Java download, I have successfully downloaded to "Pictures" on my computer, three of the four census pages that I wanted. The fourth was there but as my extra credits had already been used while learning the ropes, I was not able to view or print the full image.

I hope anyone else who encounters similar issues with the same site, gleans some useful information from this excercise.

In appreciation, once again :flowers:


15-10-2012, 6:20 AM
Thanks, Andy

I must have missed your last post. I had noticed that there were two versions. I was not using the LDS version. I think that is where my original information came from. By addresses, I meant District and County which do show in the search returns. I printed off the last one, where I ran out of credits. Also, by giving less information in the search boxes, it produced a longer list of options. I had applied that to searches elsewhere with good results. Now that I have learned to ignore "Customer Help" I might give it another shot, later -----.


15-10-2012, 6:25 AM
Hi Wendy

I'm pleased you were able to access the images you wanted. Scotlandspeople is great once you get the hang of it but you do need to spend time reading the Help section and the FAQs. For example there are several different viewing options and you will have nominated one on your My Details, The link below has information about those options.


Scotlandspeople is the Scottish Government site and the only online source for Scottish BMD images and census images so if you have Scottish ancestry you are likely to use it quite a bit.

The census street information is, I think, relatively recent and I haven't used the site for some time so wasn't aware of them. I'll have to have a look at them