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Period 1714-1830

Can anyone help please with records and archives in Jersey during this period. I am seeking information about a George Sexton believed to be living in Jersey at about 1745-1770. In addition, a James Sexton who traveled frequently to Jersey at about 1800. Such persons may also have used the name McDonald and also had trading connections with St. Malo in France and Scottish Jacobite families living in France.

I have obtained information about a George Alexander Sexton who was resident some 100 years later and an Alexander Humboldt Sexton (below) but it is people using the name Sexton or McDonald in Jersey during the period 1745 to 1800 which is of particular interest.


I expect you've seen the reference to GAS's will but in case you haven't - "Testament of George Alexander Sexton, Le Sommet, Vingtaine of Haut de Mont-au-Pretre, Minister of the New Church. Dated 23 April 1941. Bequeaths an oil painting of his father by James Ramsey Russell to the New Church Society, Glasgow; to Frederick Peak Sexton all scientific instruments and books written by the testator or his father; Swedenbourg's books to the library of the New Church; books on Yachting and Charts to the Royal CI Yacht Club and St Helier Yacht Club; remainder of possessions to the Trustees of the First Association of the New Church in Jersey. 1942".


This above relates to George Alexander Sexton. In addition I am interested in the connection between Swedenborg and Jersey during the late eighteenth century. As noted above, there was at that time a volume of books by Swedenborg in circulation on the island.

Finally, I am interested in any connections between the Chastanier, Gordon and de Lalande families with Jersey during the same period.

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Hello David,

Have you contacted the Jersey Archives at all to see what information they hold?


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Thanks, yes that is ongoing.

26-05-2012, 6:00 PM
David, I note that you have now established a GSII in Jersey and France from about 1780 and the links between the GSI to GSIV chain, Dr Florence, GAS and Swedenborg and Clans Stuart and Seton. My observation coming from a different angle and with my own Clan Stuart in mind is that this family (GSI-IV) for a considerable period of time and throughout generations has observed considerable discretion and secrecy. Professor Timothy Larsen observes the same characteristics in the character of GSIII. It is of course possible that GSIII was unaware of the position and wealth of his grandfather in his early life. However, this family has acted so precisely and with such discretion that the line and links fall outside of public records. It is a family who for the most part seek to remain private. These are people who forfeited significant Scottish estates for the Jacobite cause and while other Scots compromised their values, they created a new life and the rest was unimportant. Your academic work and interest in the Universal approach to religion and conflict resolution is also fascinating and GSIII did indeed play a significant part. I was also interested to note the Jacobite and Swedenborg connection with Jersey and Dr George Sexton.