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01-05-2012, 12:50 PM
My Hubert Charles MARTIN (1877-1952) born Frome Somerset was a wood carver per the 1901 Census.

Hubert emigrated to Canada in 1907.

Understood to have died 1952 in Saskatoon, Western Canada.

Looking to find out more of this ancester.

02-05-2012, 10:28 AM
Is this yr family:

1881: 2401 f162 pg31
4 Christ Church Street, Frome

Charles E Martin 1851 Frome Letter Carrier
Elizabeth 1852 Wells, Somerset (transcribed as Mells)
Mary A 1876 Frome
Hubert 1878 From
Leonard 1880 Frome

1891: 1906 F111 pg27
16 Gentle Street, Frome

Charles E 1851 Frome Postman GPO
Elizabeth A 1853 Wells Bakers shop keeper
Mary A 1876 Frome Dressmaker apprentice
Hubert C 1878 Frome
Leonard J 1880 Frome
Ethel F 1884 Frome
Godfrey C 1886 Frome

1901: 2308 f33 pg24
12 Cross Street, Frome

Charles E Martin 1851 Frome Postman + general shopkeeper
Elizabeth E 1852 Wells
Mary A 1876 Frome Silk Weaver
Hubert C Frome Wood Carver
Ethel F 1884 Frome Apprentice school teacher
Godfrey C 1886 Apprentice carpenter?

This possibly Charles E Martin parents:

1871: 2430 f33 pg15
Milk Street, Frome

James Martin 1819 Frome Cordwainer
Mary 1818 Frome
Samuel 1845 Frome Letter carrier
Mary 1843 Frome Dressmaker
Charles 1850 Frome Cordwainer
Elizabeth 1854 Frome pupil teacher
Lavinia 1856 Frome
Martha 1860 Frome
Alfred 1866 Frome
.................................................. ..

1901: 2379 f145 pg 26
26 Alma Street, Bristol, Glos

Alfred Martin b1866 Frome Coopersmith
has Nephew Leonard J Martin b1880 Frome living with him.

Passenger lists:

Hubert C Martin c1878, a single male, occupation Carver left Glasgow 3 May 1907 to Montreal, Canada.
Ship: Cassandra destination Quebec
Voyage of 24 days but couldn't see an exact date of arrival.

There is also a Mary Martin, no occupation and her age appears to be 29 on a different page, same ship. Nothing to go on, just same name as Hubert's sister.

Your family I think - if its not, then done a lot of typing for nothing :smilielol5:


02-05-2012, 7:15 PM

Very many thanks - this is indeed my MARTIN family.

James [Charles is other forename] MARTIN the cordwainer is my great great grandfather.