View Full Version : Frederick Watts, a Tailor, died before 1880

Richard Miller
03-04-2012, 7:06 PM

I am trying to locate my great grandmother's father Frderick Watts. According to her marriage certificate my great grandmother Mary Ann Watts married on 11 Jan 1880 at St. Pancras Parish church when she was age 22. Her father Frederick Watts was then decesed. His occupation is given as Tailor. One of the witnesses was Elisabeth Watts who I guess could have been her mother, sister or sister in Law or cousin.

On various Census record from 1881 to 1901 Mary Ann Goodey (ne Watts) gave her year of birth as 1861 and place of birth as either Lambeth or St. Pancras.

I cant find a Cenus record for Frederick Watts with the occupation of Tailor in any Census Records pre 1880 other than the 1871 Census which indicates he was born about 1811 in Warminster in Wiltshire. In this census he is living with his wife Mary born in Islington about 1811 and their children Mary born abt 1855 (too early for my Mary Ann to be saying she was born in 1859 when she married and 1860 in later census records). However Minnie Watts mentioned in this Census record born about 1861 could be my Mary Ann and she and the other children were born in Lambeth according to the record.

I cant find this Frederich Watts in any other Census and cant find his marriage to Mary or indeed his birth in Wiltshire.

Does anyone know if there any records of Tailors working in London at this time in either St. Pancras or Lambeth.

Best wishes