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Sandra Parker
31-03-2012, 5:23 AM
My GGrandfather was Horace Colonel Bradford. He had 5 sons and 1 daughter, Have plenty on him and family.
His first son was Horace Arthur, born July 1873, his second son was Albert William, born 1875, 3rd son was Ernest Alfred, my Grandad, born 1877.
Have just found these:

Name: Albert Bradford Age: 5 Birth Date: 2 Sep 1875 School: St Mary's Church Of England School Address: ROTHERHITHE Borough: Southwark Admission Date: 29 Aug 1881 Parent: Horace Notes: Saint Mary's Church of England School (0021) opened in or before 1841 Reference Number: LCC/EO/DIV08/STMRY4/AD/003and

Name: Herbert Alb Bradford Age: 5 Birth Date: 2 Sep 1875 School: Galley Wall Road School Borough: Southwark Admission Date: 27 Sep 1880 Parent: Horace Notes: Galleywall School (0359) opened in 1876. Remodelled in 1902. Became Galleywall Primary School in 1951 Reference Number: LCC/EO/DIV08/GAL/AD/002
Was Gallety Wall School some sort of special school?
There are no records anywhere of a Herbert Albert Bradford in the family (BMD's Wills, etc)

But who is Herbert Albert Bradford with same birthdate and father named Horace, in the same area?
Would appreciate any suggestions.

Name: Horace AR. Bradford Age: 6 Birth Date: 28 Jul 1873 School: Galleywall School Borough: Southwark Admission Date: 11 Nov 1879 Parent: Horace Notes: Galleywall School (0359) opened in 1876. Remodelled in 1902. Became Galleywall Primary School in 1951 Reference Number: LCC/EO/DIV08/GAL/AD/001

Peter Goodey
31-03-2012, 8:11 AM
Isn't it just a clerical error?

If I were you I would draw up a table showing names and dates of births of the children and the family address at various times, so far as it can be gleaned from census and BMD records. That might help you to interpret the records.

For example from baptism records -

Horace Arthur born 28 Jul 1872 (might mean 1873)

Albert William born 2 Sep 1875

Sandra Parker
31-03-2012, 10:02 AM
I have all the family details, my problem uis with an Albert, son of Horace born 2 Sep 1875 and Herbert Albert, son of Horace born 2 Sep 1875, going to 2 different schools, though maybe, as you suggest Peter, it is the same person at 2 different times. Though why he was Albert in one (the one I have many details for), and Herbert Albert (who has never appeared with the family on any census or other record) in the second record and they got confused with Herbert and Albert in the process.

Pam Downes
31-03-2012, 10:27 AM
Firstly, you're not reading the records thoroughly, and are therefore getting your knickers in an unnecessary twist. :smile5:
Admission Date: 29 Aug 1881
Admission Date: 27 Sep 1880
So obviously two different years for a start.

Do as Peter says.
Find the family on the 1881 census.
Find the baptisms for the children.
Find all the school entries for all the children.
Read the addresses and birth dates if given.

Your problem should now be solved. :smile5:

And yes, mistakes were made. My uncle was admitted to school as Edward, and his name was Edwin.


Peter Goodey
31-03-2012, 11:01 AM
These are not attendance registers so were not things that were used every day and might be subject to correction.

It looks to me as if Albert William = Herbert William = Herbert Alb* = Albert

*"Alb" seems to have been added in different ink and might mean "Herbert or Albert"

You could always try turning the question around and making the assumption that they all are the same boys. Then try and disprove it.

Sandra Parker
31-03-2012, 10:28 PM
Thanks for all your suggestions.
I think it seems more likely that the Herbert Alb was in fact Albert, and that there was possibly a transcription error, or the enroling clerk (or whoever) made an error when he attended Galleywall School, as another son also did in 1879.
Luckily for me their father, Horace Colonel Bradford, made a rather detailed will, probate in 1933, clearly naming his children and who would get what. One son, Frederick Charles, had been killed in 1818.

Will work on your suggestion, Peter, same chap till I can disprove it.

Sandra, whose spectacled aura has enjoyed seeing her with her knockers in a knot, Pam!

Sandra Parker
31-03-2012, 11:13 PM
Oh! Oh! Oh!

KNICKERS, I meant knickers! So sorry.

Sandra, whose spectacled aura has now warned her to check her typing more carefully in the future.

31-03-2012, 11:32 PM
(sniggers like a school boy) that was sooo funny

As you have the will, you probably already have this


Sandra Parker
01-04-2012, 3:07 AM
I'm not sure if I should be mortified by the schoolboy snigger, or pretend I don't have a clue what was so funny about my typo! Fortunately, I'm not likely to be recognised in the local supermarket, with or without twisted knockers, um knickers..

Thanks for the reference Terrysfamily, I did have it in this instance, but do know the value of these bits that are found by others.

Sandra whose spectacled aura probably did a bit of a snigger too.