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08-03-2012, 3:21 PM
Hello all,
I'm off to Presteigne next week for a quick visit and hope to do a bit of family tree work. I have a ggg Grandfather Edwin Traylor who was born in 1855 in "The jailhouse" Scotland street. I can't find it on a map so i assume the street has either been renamed or closed. I know the judges lodgings are a museum and i intend to visit, but was there a previous jail on Scotland street?

Any help would be appreciated. I won't have much time so the more i know before i get there, the better.

Seems odd to be born in a jail but there could be a legitimate reason. The name Traylor seems to be closely linked to the town.

08-03-2012, 4:41 PM
Hello Cuey

This article says that Scotland Street (which was once West Street) is now called Scottleton Street:


It's still called Scotland Street on the 1889 Ordnance Survey map but had changed its name by the time of the 1903 map. You can compare these and other maps at


08-03-2012, 4:49 PM
I'm not having much (or indeed any!) success with finding any gaol with a connection to Scotland Street / Scottleton Street. There was once a County Gaol in Presteigne but it 'stood on the site of John Beddoes School at the south-western edge of Presteigne' according to the Victorian Powys website:


What does it say on Edwin's birth certificate about his father's occupation? (Just in case that helps explain the gaolhouse reference.)

09-03-2012, 11:32 AM
Thanks so much for your help. This has been very useful. I have looked on Google Street view and there are a few very old cottages down that road. I think the Jail may be a red herring. Its something another relative put on a family tree. His Birth Certificate just say Scotland Street but no number. My only other thought was that the Malitia barracks was there in 1855 when he was born so he could have been in there. It gives me something to go on.

09-03-2012, 3:19 PM
hi Cuey. please excuse how this is written as i am using my mobile phone. still not got my new laptop. presteigne has a bypass. if You.'re heading into town from the knighton direction don.'t take the bypass, instead turn left into town. from the turn off to the next junction is scottleton street. there was a family named traylor who owned and ran a blacksmith's in scottleton street for many years.
don.'t know if this helps at all. Terry