View Full Version : Qualified Investor Register

Frank W
15-02-2012, 1:48 AM
Be wary of phone calls about this Register. It is a legitimate register and is part of the Financial Services Authority. The requirements for inclusion on the Register are clearly set out on the FSA site and should be consulted if you are told by unsolicited callers that your name is included on it.
There is a strong possibility that this Register could be mentioned as part of a share-dealing or similar financial scam. The phone call I received was not tracked by the FSA Customer services, and the calling number info on 1471 only gave "Call details are not available", which I understand usually means that the call was originated outside the UK.
The FSA would probably be interested to hear from anyone who has received an unsolicited call on this subject, and if any additional info has been received as to the originator, and the real purpose.
Regards............Frank W