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26-03-2011, 8:47 PM
I'm trying to find out more information about Charles Scott.

He was probably born in Glasgow around 1832. I don't have his birth or death certs, and I don't know who his parents are.

Family information has his children as the following:
John b. 1856
Ann b. 1858 (married John Campbell, then came to America)
William b. 1861 (may have married Elizabeth Carrick)
Christina b. 1863
Margaret b. 1870
Isabella b. 11 Dec 1872 (came to America and married Joseph Whyatt)

My first hint of him is in the 1851 Scotland census. He's 19 and living with the family of Peter and Mary Mcgurgan in the Glasgow College parish. I'm pretty sure that this is the right man, as both Charles Scott and Peter Mcgurgan are in the tobacco business. (I know that Charles was definitely a tobacco-pipe maker.)

Next I have the OPR extract listing his marriage to "Francis" McGuire on 15th July, 1853 in Glasgow. (Is it possible to see the original marriage license?)

In the 1861 Scotland Census I have Charles and Fanny Scott living in the Glasgow St. Paul parish.
Their children are Ann, 3 and William, 3 months. (So where's John??) (There's a John Scott, aged 39 living in the Glasgow St. Paul parish on Rottenrow Street, which is where Isabella will be born in 1872. Could this be Charles' brother?)

In 1871, Frances is in the Glasgow Inner High parish with Ann, William, Margaret and an Irish boarder, Catherine Murphy. Where the heck are Charles and John?

I found a John Scott, aged 16, who is a tobacco spinner, boarding in the Glasgow College parish with the family of Mitchell and Catherine Crant. This could be the right John, but I'm not betting too hard on it.

Then I have Isabella's copy of her birth certificate. It says she ("Isabella McGuire or Scott") was born on 11 December at 47 Rottenrow Street in Glasgow to "Fanny McGuire, shawl fringer, widow of Charles Scott, tobacco pipe maker, (Journeyman) who died May 17th 1875." On Belle's copy of this that I got from my grandmother, the "1875" has been altered. You can see there was something rubbed out underneath it.

So what's up with that? If Charles was dead by the time Belle was born, that should have said "May 17th 1872. This extract was taken in 1938. Did the person writing it make a mistake? Clearly I need to find Charles' death certificate.

I can't afford any more credits on Scotland's people right now, so I'm sort of stuck. Any thoughts?

27-03-2011, 8:10 AM
Hello, answers, HELLO, new brickwall! So I rejiggered some funds and got some more credits on Scotland's people. Lo and behold, Isabella is a widow in 1871. All of a sudden, the rubbed-out bit on Belle's birth certificate said "May 17th 1865." Another couple of credits, and there's Charles Scott in the Statutory Death register, dead of "cancer of groin" on May 17, 1865. Address, Glasgow City Poorhouse.

Man. That's that, I guess. So both Belle and her older sister Margaret weren't Charles Scott's children. I wonder if I'll ever know who their father was.

So Fanny and her children Ann, William and Margaret were living in "Darnley's Cottage" in Drygate Lane in 1871. I did a bit of Googling and it seems like there was a cottage in which Henry Steward allegedly lodged. From what I gather, it was torn down in the late 1800's. Was it being used as a poor house? Why were Fanny and her children living there? I've clearly got some researching to do.