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Can you help please with any information on Rev.Joseph Bartrum Azelby Donovan..born 1828 Bermondsey...I am trying to find out where he became trained in the ministry..He was in the Episcopal Church...thanks..Dale.

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Dale as Joseph was in 1851 a schoolmaster (can''t make out the word after this on census) in Croydon:
HO107; Piece: 1601; Folio: 308; Page: 1;

Then in 1861 at Epsom a Curate without cure of souls, & housed with students & student teachers, it would seem likely he did his Ministerial study in Croydon or Epsom area perhaps. I googled : ministry training schools epsom uk..& likely sites came up. I seem to remember something ofthe type where he was mentioned,..maybe mixing him up with some one else. There must be a paper trail somewhere.
Class: RG9; Piece: 441; Folio: 45; Page: 30;

1871 tutorial Minister of the Episcopal church :
RG10; Piece: 798; Folio: 73; Page: 54;

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Thanks for that W..I cant make out the word either...will plod on, pardon the pun...tomorrow...Dale.

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Dale, although this is not strictly about the Joseph, I take it you know about his sons and their education (I'll post it in case you don't) ...

Oxford University Alumni

Donovan, Rev. Percy James, 3s. Jos. Batram Azelby, of Croydon, Surrey, cler., NON-COLL., matric. 15 Oct,, 1881, aged 23; EXETER COLL. B.A. 1885.

Donovan, Sydney Charles, 2s. Jos. Batram Azelby, of Dorking, Surrey, cler. NON-COLL., matric. 14 Oct 1882, aged 26.

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Also, from the Gazette Issue 21474 published on the 9 September 1853
Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors

Joseph Donovan, (commonly called and known as the Rev. Joseph Donovan, also as the Rev. Joseph B. A. Donovan and also as the Rev. J. B. Donovan), formerly of Parsons Mead, and also of North End, both in Croydon, Surrey, Schoolmaster, at North End aforesaid, and Chaplain at the Abney-park Cemetery, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, for a short time staying at Mr Musketts, at Lea, near Lewisham, Kent, next of No. 1, West-place, New Wadden-road, and also of North End, both of Croydon aforesaid, Schoomaster and assistant Chaplain at Abney-park Cemetery aforesaid, and now of no. 2 High Houses, Church-street Stoke Newington, Middlesex, Schoolmaster and Chaplain as aforesaid and also Incumbent of the Metropolitan Free Church of England, at the Coach and Horses-lane, Stoke Newington, Middlesex.


Please check the original. I'm not transcribing well at the moment. Anyway, it seems he was both a schoomaster and a chaplain by 1853.

Peter Goodey
07-03-2011, 7:39 AM
Free Church of England

Free Church of England. A small Protestant body which originated in a dispute in 1843 between H. Phillpotts, Bp. of Exeter, and one of his clergy, James Shore. It received definite shape in 1863 in association with the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. In 1927 it united with the Reformed Episcopal Church, a similar group which had separated from the Episcopal Church in the United States of America in 1873.

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and Chaplain at the Abney-park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.

Googling for information on Abney Park Cemetery - well there's quite a bit. Here's a snippet from one page I happened upon...

"The Abney Park Cemetery Company opened its first venture-Abney Park-in May 1840

Abney Park was unusual at the time in that it was expressly a place for Non-Conformists (ie persons who rejected the ceremonial and liturgy of the Church of England, instead worshipping in Methodist, Baptist, Congregationalists, Wesleyan and other chapels; the Quakers and Salvationists are similar groups), many of whom lived in the area."


And here is a wiki page...


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Joseph can be found in all censuses up to and including 1891. It is an interesting progression. In 1851 (HO107/1601/F309, p 116) he is 25, a school master, with wife Jane, 22 and son Charles, 2months. They have 3 boarders and 1 servant. In 1861, (RG9/04110F46 p 90) he is a clergyman aged 29 (!), with wife Jane (now 30!!), sons John S, 9; Sydney E, 4; William G, 2; Edwin A, 1week; 3 servants, 1 pupil teacher and 4 pupils. In 1871 (RG10/0798/F?, p 148), Joseph, now 39, is 'Tutor Minister of the Epises Paul church'; Jane is 40, and they have Sydney, 14; Percy, 11; Frederick, 5 (was actually born 1864, according to FreeBMD); 3 servants, 17 pupils and 3 visitors. In 1881 (RG11/0298/F66 p 131) Joseph, now 47, is a curate at St Saviour's, and is a boarder, along with his son Frederick, now 16 and a Stock Broker's Clerk Watson. In 1891, (RG12/0406/F166) Joseph is a Clerk in Holy Orders and is a lodger in Lambeth, London. All census documents held by TNA. Crown copyright

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Joseph DONOVAN and his family are the subject of several other threads by dalek39.

To avoid duplication, please restrict the discussion here to Joseph's activities as a clergyman. Thanks. :smile5:

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Yes Ollicat..I have all that thank you, but keep digging..ha.ha..Dale..

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Ollicat...you are transcribing beautifully...thanks for that...I have sent away to the MLA for information in obtaining a will for Joseph BA Donovan..if that fails I'll go for Sydney Charles..see what thet brings up..tried the site Kerrywood gave me some time ago, no luck there, so now have to wait for their reply....Dale

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Where have I heard of the Countess of Huntingdon before ? you have alerted my brain Peter..thank you for that..need it...Dale.

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Can't find Sue from NSW...Dale..

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Can't find Sue from NSW...Dale..

Yes I did...on my computer inmail...thanks Sue....Dale...

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