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01-03-2011, 8:49 AM
We have two birth Certificates involving our Royal Artillery Driver ancestor, Edward Hood as the father. One lists place of birth as Portugal in 1813, the other as CAVALONGUE in 1812. They relate to the same daughter Catherine and appear to be duplicate records, or records made in two places. Our problem is in finding the said CAVALONGUE. We know that Edward's Royal Artillery Driver Troop was based in Lisbon for the whole of 1812/14 with the Troop fighting out at, for example, Salamanca.

We think CAVALONGUE could be a fort, barracks, hospital or ship used by the French when in possession of Lisbon/Portugal in 1808. Have you ever come across the name in RA Peninsular records? The two Adjutants signing the certificates were C.Dansey and R.Hunt respectively.

Any guidance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

01-03-2011, 9:13 AM
I see that there's a book by Gareth Glover called The Letters of 2nd Captain Charles Dansey Royal Artillery 1806-1813: perhaps it will help to locate where he was at the time of signing the certificates? (if he's the same C. Dansey, that is!)

details here: http://www. garethglovercollection.com/CaptainCharlesDansey.htm

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